Only when a site is crawlable, it can get in top of the list in search engines, but there are some rules to follow, the robots of the search engines should continuously keep crawling the website in order to rank the website to the best position it deserves. The crawling should be done for every relevant keyword phrase.

b) A road map to the website should be created to make the crawling more easily. This is called nothing called but a side-map.It is basically a very simple page that only server’s one purpose from optimizer’s point of view that is to get the internal pages indexed.

Initially site maps were used by seo group as a tool for good search results, which was released by fortune 1000 companies to help the website visitors to search for a particular product or services is located.

A site map contains a basic HTML link to every page on the web site.
And need to have a logical order.

They visitors are easily navigated to every page on the web site. However, some people do desire to see the entire site’s structure on the main page itself and thereafter choose the destination.

Site map is a one of the best ways to get the website noticed by the S.E. spiders navigated to every site. When optimizing internal pages in web site for different keywords, site maps are the best in doing so, it also provides an opportunity to send link reputation to a page.

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