SMBs Giving Priority to Reliability over Pricing After Site Crash Incidents in UK

SMBs Giving Priority to Reliability over Pricing After Site Crash Incidents in UK

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The people from United Kingdom interested in the technology industry must have heard about the crashing of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official site in the December 2012. It was reported that, the crash was due to the extensive number of people visited the official site for receiving updates regarding the news that the “Duchess of Cambridge” Kate Middleton was pregnant. Its was obvious that people would definitely visit the site over-an-over again for updates and her new photos.

A similar incident was occurred with the “Tate – an art gallery of UK holding a collection of British art from 1500 to the present day”, which stunningly got crashed, when the demand increased for tickets to a musical performance at the museum by a German Electro Band, Kraftwerk. Things like royal baby news and demands for tickers is a typical thing. But, what happened with WalMart, rarely happens with other big online shopping sites.

Just twelve days before Christmas, they found that if the website isn’t functioning, trading is impossible which can make a big loss to your business.

Usually, internet users, whether they are seeking some information of planning to buy something online are often unsteady. A small downtime on your site can change their mind and force them to move to another site. In fact, recently Google announced that a website will be visited less times than its closest rival, even if the download time is less than a blink of an eye.

Well, with most of the small and medium businesses, the real issues is that the staff is unable to work, if the servers are down or having an issue. Due to this not only the customers but also the staff needs to wait for applications to function properly again to be able to work.

Reliability A Key Influencer

After several incidents, the IDG researchers carried out a survey on behalf of HP, to know exactly what SMBs were looking for in the new servers. The survey was carried out in the major EU market asking hundreds of SMBs their expectations in the new web servers. Expectedly, about 90 percent of businesses said that they would consider reliability more over the price in the new servers.

The figure of people who that reliability should be the top consideration was double of those who revealed ease of maintenance is a key decision. From the survey, it was clear that the SMBs prioritizing cost factor was only a third of the overall figures. The SMBs understood that the costs they have to bear through staff unable to process orders and customers unable to place orders due to application failure, server down.

From the whole scenario, one thing was clear to SMBs, that its better to pay upfront for reliability, instead of bearing loss in productivity and paying for long term. Hence, it is much better to choose the most reliable web hosting solution like “eNlight Cloud Hosting”, rather than choosing a hosting solution just for cost-saving.

eUKhost’s eNlight is a cloud platform, which enables auto-scaling of resources for businesses. Its intelligent design automatically adds up the resources when required and withdraw them when the necessity is over. Some of the most attracting features of eNlight Cloud are High Availability, Unlimited Resources, Unmatched Flexibility, Centralized Storage and Backups, Zero Downtime, 100% Reliable, Upto 60% cost savings and many more.

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