Soon You Could Have a .london Domain Name.

Soon You Could Have a .london Domain Name.

London will be among the first few cities over the world to have a domain extension of its own.

The internet body ICANN which regulates domain names over the internet recently gave a formal go ahead to the idea after signing a contract which would make the .london domain name available for use in the coming year.

In June New York was provided its own domain suffix .nyc making it the first city in the U.S with a domain after its name. London & Partners which is the city Mayor’s official promotional unit for the city applied to ICANN last year for setting up the .london domain suffix.

The approval of the .london domain extension would allow businesses to register a domain name with the .london suffix from next year. This would allow businesses to recognize themselves as a part of the city and instill trust with the local customers.

Many popular brands and lots of other businesses have shown their interest in getting the domain extension. Small businesses and local traders are also expected to get the benefit of the new city based address which would make them appear as local and help in attracting people looking for a business in the city itself.

“Using the .london domain will allow businesses to more closely associate themselves with our great city’s powerful global brand. This is also an excellent opportunity to expand London’s digital presence, which in turn is going to generate funds to invest back into the city.” said the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The promotional agency London & Partners have also set up a business Dot London Domain Ltd for managing the new domain. According to them the domain would be sold for profit and the income would be invested back in the welfare of the city.

One can find more information about the new .london domain at the website

With the launch of .UK domains next year we would also have lot of new tlds which users would be able to register with eUKhost. We will keep you posted about the new domain extensions and their availability.

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