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Spam | Part 5

Spam | Part 5


Sender of Nigeria-Connection-mails (advance fraudsters can easily deal with answers and driving aimless discussions, the so-called Scam baiting. This binds the offender time, but is dangerous under certain circumstances, since it interferes with criminals who have usually have links to Europe and North America. Scam baiting should be performed only by experienced persons, or under their direction to avoid the transmission of data, which can lead to the identification to. This especially includes personal information such as name, address and bank account, but also your own pictures, nicknames in forums and chat rooms, IP or e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Australia has developed a very convenient and effective method to combat. The Australians will put the free program spam Matters available, which is transmitted by the user marked as spam e-mails to the Australian Telecommunications Authority ACMA. This identifies the spammer, and notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Measures against Usenet Spam

* The most immediate and effective instrument is the cancel. Thus, this led to all appropriately configured news servers to delete the spam. This measure takes the more successful the more quickly they respond to spam, because they only benefit those who have not yet downloaded the spam with the newsreader from the news server. The cancel of spam requires careful compliance with a variety of rules, one can do a lot wrong here.

* Complaints to the news provider the spammer can cause this, the possible use of their news server is not withdrawn.

* Very rare news providers that are not responding to complaints, the subject of a Usenet Death Penalty (UDP), which can happen in two forms:

a) Passive UDP: The administrators of the major news servers agree that all Usenet articles that ran on the news server of the black sheep is not being forwarded, and disappear with it.

b) Active UDP: Spam canceller is to cancel all items that have come from the news servers of the black sheep from the usenet, so as if they were spam.

* NoCeM as an alternative to Cancel: As required by the cancel, each article its own spam-cancel-message coming from this procedure with control messages, which, like all articles contained lists of spam. This NoCeM-control messages to be understood, however, only for special clients that are not particularly widespread and frustrating, in contrast to not be able to cancel messages that spam as a result of discussions about the spam that is about the particular news group not at all fit to the newsgroup unreadable.

* Moderated Newsgroups: Contributions not be uncontrolled access to Usenet, but are handled by a moderator who can catch the spam. It is not always possible to find a volunteer for this office. The once highly successful Jobs newsgroup offered had to be abolished for that reason.

* Server-side measures: News server software can be supplemented with add-ons to recognize the spam and reject it. This includes, for example, the software Cleanfeed.

* Client-side measures: Most newsreaders have a so-called “kill file that controls what you might see. The Bayesian filter sort wanted and unwanted e-mails after a workout by the user of the e-mail clients.

* Disposable e-mail addresses: If you use disposable e-mail addresses provided by the user at his own place, a temporary address, valid e-mail address. The user holds his actual address so anonymously and prevent his e-mail account is covered up with spam.



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