How to Start your WordPress Blog in an Hour in Three Easy DIY Steps!

How to Start your WordPress Blog in an Hour in Three Easy DIY Steps!

Note: If you are familiar with WordPress and have a blog then you may not read further.

For people who wish to start their own blog and establish an online presence but do not have any idea about it please read on.

Starting your own blog is not a big deal anymore and anyone with little knowledge of computers can do so easily.

All you need to do it follow the simple guidelines below and you would have your own WordPress blog within an hour.

Find a domain

This is your first and very important step.

If you have thought of a domain name for your blog then it’s great. If not then we will think of one by doing some brainstorming. You need to think on the lines of the kind of blog you wish to have and what audience it would target. If it is for your business then you could use your brand name along with it.

Do not go for a generic keyword and instead choose something unique and easy to remember. If it is your company name it would be better.

Register your domain name with the relevant domain extension with a good company.

Get hosted

Now that you have your domain you can easily get hosting for your blog so your blog can come online and is ready to be accessed by others.

What hosting to choose?

You might be wondering what hosting to choose and how much to pay for? Depending upon your website and the amount of data you can choose the amount of resources for your server. Usually for new websites shared hosting is the best choice which you can get for not more than 5 pounds.

You can choose a suitable shared hosting package and get your website online.

Install WordPress on your website

Why only WordPress you may ask?

Well, WordPress is quite easy to use and is the ideal choice for beginners as well as professionals. It can be setup easily with lots of customizations and themes you can make it the way you want.

WordPress is used by more than 73 million websites and is by far the most used Content Management System in the World. That is reason enough for you to consider building your website using WordPress.

Now you could ask your web hosting provider to install WordPress on your website or if you are proficient enough then you could get a free copy of WordPress from

WordPress Login

After you have installed WordPress you can login to your WordPress dashboard here: Replacewith yourdomain/wp-admin.php using the details provided by your host.

On login you would see an interface like this. Don’t worry as you would get comfortable using it very soon.

WP Dashboard

Go to the Settings Tab on the left and click on General Settings. Here you can fill out the Title of your blog and a Tagline if you wish to.

Now your website has an identity and you need to work on its appearance. For this you can install any good theme and you are done.

Go to the Appearance Tab and select Themes. Then click on install themes and select the colors which you want in your theme and click search. You would see various themes which you can preview and install if you like.

Your blog is now setup and is ready to post content.

For adding articles and content to your blog you need to go to the Posts Tab and click on Add new.

Now you have a layout where you can add your article. Simple fill the title and paste the content or type away if you wish to. When you are done simply add the categories which you expect the article to be in and hit publish.

Congratulations! Your first post in now live on your blog.


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