Starting A Successful Forum

Starting A Successful Forum


Some important tips before starting a successful forums:

1. Choose proper theme :

Make sure that when you choose any theme that you must have the knowledge in that particular area. Pick something that you are knowledgeable and interested in. Before choosing a theme make sure you have a look at the market I can tell you right now setting up a webmaster forum or domain forum unless you have funds in which to spend then you are wasting your time there are to many out there and the market its flooded but by all means if you have a great idea then go for it as they are very profitable if you manage to get members.

2. Buying a suitable Domain :

The second step in setting up a forum is is buying a domain depending on your theme this will be different but try to limit the amount of words to at most 3 and try and use the following words after the theme, forum, chat, discussion, board, talk if not you may need to think of a catchy word that goes well with what you want.

3. Choose proper forum software :

After all things decide what software you are going to use with your forum, the main 3 which are widely used today are Vbulletin, PHPbb and Invision Power Board.

4. Attract members without paying :

The best way to attract members is to add your site into your signature and post topics and replies that had to do with your subject, forget posting about anything as this will only waste your time.

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