Startup Guide for Reseller

Startup Guide for Reseller

After purchasing a web hosting package, we have to startup with making our site online. Following guide will help you help for getting started.

The first & most important step is to change your domains dns to the name servers you received in your welcome email from your hositng company. If you need help making dns changes please read Changing DNS. If you wish to use private name servers you must read Private Name Server Setup.

After the dns change, your domain will get propogated within 24/48 hours. If after two days your site is still not works, just contact your webhost.

  1. Login at http://ipaddress/whm (ipaddress mentioned in welcome email)
  2. You must setup a hosting package by selecting “Add Packages.”
  3. After a package has been setup click “create a new account” and fill in the information you wish the account to have. When creating a site select the auto assign IP and fill in the site name as without the http or www.

Your webhost already setups an account for your main domain when he creates your reseller account. The pre-setup account is with almost 0 bandwidth & space. After creating your hosting packages, you must upgrade your site to any of your newly created packages from your WHM >> Account Functions >> Upgrade/Downgrade an Account.

Please make sure you assign enough bandwidth & disk space for your account.

Upload your site:

You can upload your site contents (files/folders) to your account through FTP or cPanel’s File Manager. For using FTP, put in your sites ip address under the “ftp host address” field. After connecting to ftp, go into the “public_html” folder and start uploading to your contents. Please make sure you also upload your index page (index.html file) to replace the default place holder page.

Your Control Panel & some important links:

We are using ‘ipaddress’ assuming that your domain is not yet propogated.

Location for reseller control panel (WHMl) >> http://ipaddress/whm
Location for your control panel (cPanel) >> http://ipaddress/cpanel
Location for your webmail >> http://ipaddress/webmail
To access your site before domain propogation >> http://ipaddress/~username/ ( here ‘username’ will be your cpanel username, also dont forget to add the trailing / and the ~ ). Hosting UK provides with private nameservers facility for its resellers.

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