Steps to Building a Website Without Knowing Any Knowledge of HTML

December 1, 2010 / Industry News Tutorials Web Development Web Hosting

Steps to Building a Website Without Knowing Any Knowledge of HTML

You might want to create a website, and you were advised that you really should try to learn HTML or even pay money for a high-priced designer or even may need to purchase an expensive software program. All these are great alternatives, but they can be too much to handle for first time users. Software program like Dreamweaver is a lot more tailored for the actual design of the website, instead of getting one together as well as administering. Understanding HTML, although definitely beneficial, is not going to enable you to get any closer in order to creating a real, functioning website unless you are extremely deep into studying it. Plus having to pay a web designer is nice, nevertheless to produce any kind of modifications or even updates to your website, you will almost certainly be forced to pay a retainer price.

Then again, there is an alternative

A ‘content management system’ (CMS) is an important software program which is set up on your web host, and additionally enables you to sign in to your site exactly like you will with e-mail. With several mouse clicks, you may then customize the whole design of your website, put in fresh content material, and so forth.

They are uncomplicated to understand and simple to set up, and when you can get a web hosting service which offers CPanel, you are in luck. You will have a site uploaded and functioning in 3 simple steps:

1. Register with the web hosting service which offers CPanel

CPanel is a preferred administrative control panel (specialized user interface to help manage a website) utilized by lots of web hosting companies which allows one-touch website management. You are able to set up complex website programs, email addresses, MySQL databases, as well as many other web scripts by simply pressing a few keys.

2. In CPanel, take advantage of Fantastico to set up Joomla

Fantastico is one of several features in CPanel that enables one to use a number of cost-free software programs including shopping carts, discussion boards, weblogs, as well as website management software. These types of scripts are set up ‘server side,’ which means no matter what laptop or computer you have, when you have web accessibility you are able to manage your website.

3. Make use of Joomla to build your web site

Joomla is extremely user-friendly, even though it features a lot of learning curve in the beginning. It is really 100% cost-free and features a number of helpful capabilities already included in it, including the capability to develop a members area to help registered end users exclusively, news feeds, weblogs, et cetera.

With all the previously mentioned procedures, you get an easy-to-update as well as expandable site within a few minutes practically. These are just a few ways by which you can create a quality website platform without needing to understand how to code it using HTML, PHP, or any web programming language at all.


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