Steps to Edit Post and Insert Image in WordPress Blog

Steps to Edit Post and Insert Image in WordPress Blog

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WordPress is a free open sources blog designed by a group of programmers in Php open source scripting language with the support of MySQL database to store databases of a blog. It is really easy to create a free wordpress blog top understand and start the blogging. It is really easy for a newbie to edit published post, edit the post already saved in draft, post excerpts. And also deals about how to upload image and video into the post.

The first thing to edit the blog post you have to login to your wordpress admin. Select ‘edit’ option given under posts tab. Once you clicked the edit option all saved and published post list will appear on the computer screen. You can choose which post you want edit. Under each post title you will find options like edit, quick edit, view and trash. Then select particular post click on edit link of the corresponding post. The below video explains about all the options available in edit post.

Different Modes of WordPress to edit Post : Visual and Html

1 ) Visual Mode:

There are two modes to edit the blog post the first one is visual mode another one is html mode. In visual mode we found number of icons on the empty text are for editing the post. You are aware of most of the icons and you also have used them in word like bold, text alignment, blockquote, ordered list, text color, insert custom character and etc. And some additional some special icons like Read more, add and break hyperlink(Anchor text) , insert embed video and format the sub heading and text which is important for search engine optimization.

2) Html Mode :

In html mode you will find the icons for above mentioned word options with additional like ins, by using ins you can add more line space in between the paragraph and lines of your blog. Code is to highlight some texts in the post and specially for highlighting the software codes like php, javascript used in the post content.

How to upload image, video and audio in a WordPress blog

Under the blog post title you will find the option like ‘upload/insert’ that includes four options to add image, video, audio and media in side the post. It is easy to add image to a post just click on the add image icon new box will open a browser and asking you for to insert image from computer, from url and from media library you can choose any options to upload image with options to fix the image position inside the post.

In the same way you can upload video and audio. If you want to edit already uploaded image then click on the image available inside the post, and you will find the options to edit and delete the image. choose edit option to change caption for the image.

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