Steps To Successfully Market to a Forum Community

Steps To Successfully Market to a Forum Community

The following are the steps to follow in forum marketing which will help you to grow the business:-

a. Find a forum in the niche you want to market to

b. Check to be sure the site allows you to create a forum signature with a link to your business

c. Set up an account

d. Create a forum signature that includes the following information: your name, website/business name, web address, contact info (if any), description of the website/business (DO NOT USE A SALES PITCH – e.g. The Best Car Parts Shop Around – that stuff is useless). Be descriptive!

e. Find the forum introductions section (most good forums will have one) and tell people about yourself. Talk about your business, but don’t just drop a sales pitch. Let people know what your interests are in the topic beyond your business.

f. PARTICIPATE! Become an active member of the forums. Help others on the site. Get involved in the debate. POST, POST, POST! In time, the members will see you as an expert in the topic. With more posts, your site/business will have more exposure, and you will see results.

g. If the forum has an area for members to advertise in, use it. (if not, don’t post ads on the site; just use your forum signature and your knowledge to do the selling for you)

h. Volunteer to become a moderator on the site (forum administrators will often be willing to trade advertising for good moderators). In addition to the opportunity of getting more exposure, moderators are typically given more respect and looked at with even more authority then other members. With this comes more clicks and more business!

i. Find other forums in the same area of interest and repeat steps 1-8.

Give this a try and it will surely help you to grow your business. Start with the eUKhost forum which is full of talented peole and will help you in all respects.




  1. BlackLiger

    Doesn’t always work.

    However, along side these steps, I’d reccomend, if your site is about a subject that will show up on wikipedia, to add yourself to that as a site for further questions on the subject.

    Or if you’re about an anime or TV series which isn’t licensed in the country of your hosting (say the UK in the case of eukhost), you could upload videos to youtube and the like with a link to your forum afterwards. That’s how a freind of mine did it.

  2. Bob

    Thanks for the tips, it is truly good idea to start thread that can create debate and as moderator/admin there is also need of your own involvement throughout the thread that encourage more participation.

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