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Streaming is multimedia data transferred, such as digital audio or video, in a stream of packets in real time, by a software application. Streaming usually refers to listening to audio or watching video while it is being transmitted from a remote source in contrast with downloading and storing the material first.

In streaming media files are transmitted in a continuous stream of data which is processed by the receiving computer while the entrie file is still in transmission process. Streaming generally uses data compression. The data compression is especially effective for downloading large multimedia files from the Internet. For example, a video or an audio clip is permitted to play on the user’s computer as soon as the download begins from a website. Though with improved modems and connection speeds, without streaming techniques it takes a long time for downloading and playing large audio and video files, To accept streaming data, the receiving computer needs to be running a player, a program that decompresses the incoming data and sends the resulting signals to the display and speakers. The audio and video files may be prerecorded, but streaming can also accommodate a live feed over the Internet.

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