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Tasks You Can Perform When Your Server Runs Perfectly

Tasks You Can Perform When Your Server Runs Perfectly

Most of the times, beginners who opt for dedicated server hosting thinks that their dedicated server will run perfectly in future as well, but they don’t realize that they are fooling themselves. One thing should be remember is that whenever things are going well, it needs to take more care. If you think your dedicated web server is running smoothly without any problems, that is the time you need to perform several tasks to make sure the server runs perfectly in future as well.

There are many things you can do when your server is running quite good such as routine maintenance and increased monitoring. Except these there are few more important tasks that need to be performed.

  • Running Updates: If you forgot to run non-critical updates on your web server, now its the time to make sure you run the updates successfully. Never keep the vital security updates on waiting, it might create a security hole which may harm your data.
  • Removing Unwanted Files: Never keep any unwanted files on your server. For example, when you remove a specific site from your server, there are some files associated with the site. You should make sure that those items are removed from your server immediately or you must compress them and send them to your backup server. Never keep unwanted stuffs on your server.
  • Monitoring Logs: It is always recommended to monitor your dedicated server logs and other important things such as network protocols, web applications and security software’s. By checking the server logs there are possibilities to find something potential that could harm your server and the sensitive data stored on it.
  • Running Several Tests: You should keep testing your server through various security tests to ensure the security of your server. You can test all your fancy web applications for XSS (ie. Cross-site scripting). There are many such rootkit software that enables continued privileged access to the server whilst hiding their presence from the administrator of the server. Keep checking the rootkits. Ensure the security of your dedicated server by checking weakness in all the possible ways from passwords to databases.
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