The Data Processing Center Information | Part 2

The Data Processing Center Information | Part 2

EDP (Electronic Data Processing)

EDP (Electronic Data Processing) handles the computer part of the company is also relying on outside advisers and technicians. It is a role that goes by that user in the use of software systems management server.


  • Good knowledge of business reality
  • Knowledge of the various programs used
  • Sufficient familiarity with hardware and peripherals
  • Ability to identify problems to bring them to outsiders.

EDP Manager

This person works in large companies where the management of information technology and EDP for an entire office.


  • Experience in computer
  • Knowledge of company and relationship with management
  • Assessment of costs and budgets
  • Ability to manage group


Shall be the consultant on specific occasions, especially in conjunction with special projects or situations.


  • Wide experience and ability to adapt and learn in the field of special needs
  • Problem solving mentality, ability to raise and support information.


The high school students and academics have very wide powers and leisure but often lack experience in the field and meeting with the working reality, and can not be used as a vital resource in the production process, eg using traineeships and apprenticeships.

The CED holding – Implementing a CED in a company which is not present

In small and medium enterprises is not common to find computers connected together or connected in a rough, perhaps by several technical sessions later worked to solve specific problems without having an overview of the situation.

First you need to convince the company to abandon the classical concept of “technical all-rounder” for the creation of a CED itself.

Since this is not always frowned upon, it should explain in detail the benefits of network structure and in particular the three types of services: messaging, resource sharing and surveillance.

  • The messaging service that allows you to interact vocally or in writing. Belong to this type of services and communication paper, phone and fax to e-mail, instant messaging, chat and video presentation systems.
  • Sharing of resources is that service that allows you to use a single resource to more people. Belong to this type of services the print spooler, the backup server, shared virtual spaces.
  • Surveillance is that service that guarantees the security of data in the local physical and virtual. Belong to this type of service is the physical protection of equipment supervision as protection from software tampering and unauthorized access.

Implementing a network

The first step is to verify that all computers are networked together and work towards a LAN, a local network that can be connected to the Internet at a later time. To this end, the computer must already be configured to accommodate the router. Along with the router should always install a firewall to better protect the network from unauthorized intrusion from outside.

In implementing the LAN is good to consider the possibility that it could not perform the normal work of wiring for both construction and economic problems, in which case it is useful to use one or more access points to create a wireless local area networks, commonly called WLAN.

Once the network is good cause to familiarize staff with the best available and acquire a greater attention to the organization of documents. To obtain this the easiest way is to achieve resource sharing, in particular all the printers and a single dedicated disk on one computer, chosen according to availability: this record available to all to move files from one location to another using LAN instead of the common exchange of floppy disks. We must also educate users to learn to always save your work and apply the appropriate folders for this purpose so as to maintain orderly archive and history of operations.

The next step is the purchase of a Central Management Server to which delegate the coordination of resources and management of the shared disk you created earlier in the same time implementing functionality of Backup Security.

Now we must train personnel to back up their data on the shared disk, in a separate folder, the system will update the daily backups on the second disk of the server, specially configured.

From now on you can manage the Internet connection of the structure. Likely to be already present prior connection configurations such as dial-up individual users or broadband connections established above: these connections should be disabled depending on the stability of expenditure according to the economic security of the network. Must also be communicated to the users some rules regarding the use of media from outside to minimize the risk of harmful external agents such as viruses for Microsoft Windows operating system or spyware and backdoors.
Interface between the CED and the company management

The EDC can provide the company with a large amount of value added services such as:

Web Communication

The benefits that this new form of communication port companies are many and varied and should be tailored to the specific needs also examining the strategic aspects of implementation.

Franchise Solutions to managing the relationship with the customer based on the Internet can help companies integrate and improve the relationship with consumers and to meet all their expectations.


Analyzed the various aspects of the Internet Economy and the types of E-Commerce widespread today, we must organize the structure so the company can benefit from the advantages of Internet sales, and also implementing a successful Web site.

Web Marketing

Commercial aspects of marketing on the Web can become a complementary element of traditional marketing activities.

Sales Force Automation

The new Internet-based technologies enable retailers to focus on what they do best and reduce administrative activities. The sales force automation focuses primarily on sales processes such as customer contact, order processing, storage charges, sales forecasts and performance analysis.

Human Resource Management

The instruments of personnel management based on the Internet can help companies reduce costs, retrain employees and increase productivity. Due to the potential of networked systems can easily communicate with all staff of the company which is making available all relevant information.

Finance Manager

Closely examining the various systems for financial management within companies, highlighting ways to speed up the collection of information so that the company itself can then take, as appropriate, the best decisions, the Finance Management solutions based on Internet has the ability to lower costs through increased productivity of finance departments of the company and reducing errors.

Production and Distribution

Internet solutions for the distribution enable companies to get products to customers more efficiently, by automating the process of inventory management and storage, transport towards the interior and exterior and the final distribution of products .

E-Procurement (procurement via Web)

With the automation of purchasing processes, companies can share data with suppliers and better understand the relationship between demand and supply. Moreover, the activities of E-procurement can help vendors to better manage and significantly reduce procurement costs.



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