The Power of Virtualization with VMWare Technology

The Power of Virtualization with VMWare Technology

Most of the businesses today are yet to fully recover from the recession that had hit a couple of years ago, and according to the recent trend in the market, the risk is still On. A concern that has caused botheration to many businesses and enterprises about how to best achieve return of investments done in various business verticals especially in the IT where Webserver based computing takes the maximum share.

Deployment and support required for supporting the systems is one of the essential aspects which can lead to frustration for both ie. the IT and the finance managers, as they tend to pay an extra cost for the unused server resources, hence proving to be a waste of money. Only in rare occasions do the computing resources would over-run the allotted figures, hence need to set a safe upper limit tending to pay more.

Its a common scenario where some processes and applications tend to overload the server causing a congestion or exhaustion of its allotted resources. Hence leading to an overall slower and degraded performance of the server. Sudden spikes are generally experienced during a certain time of the day, usually during the peak hours during week-days. Moreover, it is a tedious task for the infrastructure providers such as the web hosting UK companies as they are required to keep a reserve pool of resources inorder to tackle the exceeding demands for the resources and hardwares, which means a greater cost of investment. When the companies offering such services were bothered about achieving efficiency and an effective manageability, VMware got recognized as an ideal solution to best manage the operations.

It empowered the users with cutting the barrier of having physical connections between hardware and software. With this technology users were allowed to install and operate multiple OS’s and applications over a single physical machine, hence the capability of making best use of the resources and achieving a maximum ROI. VMWare is basically a software that enables the creation of virtual computers within a single/multiple hardwares and consists of a hypervisor that takes care of resource allocations to different VM’s. It is due to this feature that multiple variants of OS’s can be installed within a single physical computing machine.

Initially only a single physical machine could make use of this technique, but with the advancements occurred with time, VMware developed the capability of offering a robust virtualization platform that scale across multiple physical servers and storage devices connected in a network forming a cluster of virtualized servers which are better referred as Cloud Hosting servers.

A special category of VMware hosting has come into existence which has attracted an increasing volume of users and still counting. It offers a unique ability of fast and prompt recovery from an unscheduled outage in virtual environment.

Using VMware hosting can offer multiple benefits to users than any other type of technology used in the web hosting industry.

  • Optimum utilization of Server Resources
  • Optimum ROI
  • Reduction in the overall Investment on Server hardware
  • Reduction in delivery time
  • Better Manageability
  • Reduced time for Disaster Recovery (DR) compared to traditional techniques
  • Decreased payouts to datacenters due to reduced area and resources used by servers.
  • Faster provisioning of customer accounts

Despite the evolution of this revolutionary technology, experts claim that there is still more advancements expected and are yet to come. So we can imagine the potential that VMWare has still to offer users. We can expect a further reduction in cost and time taken for delivery in the near future.


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