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Tips on how to Build a Money-Making Membership Website | Part 2

Tips on how to Build a Money-Making Membership Website | Part 2

Tips on how to Build a Money-Making Membership Website

Subsequently, you should unpublish all those buttons on the front page that that you do not require. You check out the main menu section and also unpublish all except the home button. You will have to visit Joomla extensions page as well as check out menu section in order to find a menu extension that will permit you to have graphics as well as additional files to set up the menu items. You will have the suitable file extension all set when it is time for you to hyperlink your menu items which can be the final part of putting together your site.

A very important factor that can be done at this point is actually to determine exactly what extensions or even additional items you will require on the site. You may simply have a simple mini site now, however, you shall do much better within the search engines like Google as well as in the eyes of the website visitors when you have a theme-based authority website and not present only a sales page to your visitors, for example. In the event you include a chat client, some sort of discussion board, along with a weblog in your website, you will notice that these potential customers get involved with your website as well as keep coming back to it very frequently. The more they return to your website, the higher will be the opportunities for you to sell them your products and services, whether it is an affiliate marketer offer, an e-book, a report, or an important membership.

Examine every portion of the extensions. Particularly examine the graphics section in which all of the banner advertising materials are kept. It is possible to generate income from the website using ad banners and/or textual content advertisements that could bring in extra cash from your website. It is a fact that when you have quality content, SEO factors taken care of, along with advertisements like Adsense program on the website, your website may show up in the search engines like Google sooner and it will enable your site to get more visitors from the search engines helping you get additional income from the advertisements present on the site. There are many Google Adsense modules to consider. These can be placed at strategic locations on your web pages, and the content that is present on those pages are quality content related to the theme of your website, the Google places related advertisements quite effectively and enables your site to generate high income from its advertisements. Other types of advertisements are also present and you should research for the networks that offer them.

Community builder and AEC integration can be beneficial in case you are creating a regular membership website. You will require one of many WYSIWYG content editors within the content as well as a news section to be able to revise your website very easily as well as swiftly. You need to set up your WYSIWYG editor as the default content editor for Joomla. When you do this, you will be able to create good-looking content material, and you could also easily as well as swiftly modify your web pages. You need to look at the Blog section and also include X-Blogg type of applications with regard to modifying your site offline and also should download one of several weblog applications with regard to very easily creating as well as writing a blog from the website. You must include one of several payment processors and/or some sort of very secure shopping cart to your website should you be promoting products and services out of your website. After you have included most of the extensions, whether it is a component, a module, or even mambot, you will be all set to be able to go to the following stage.

So next, you may begin including the actual sections you may need as part of your website. You can include categories to the sections till you have divided up your website into a well-structured company. You may modify the front page by using the content editor and also the WYSIWYG editor which you have designed as the default content editor. You may include pictures as well as include more content articles making sure that things are all implemented to your total satisfaction. Make use of polls, ad banners, and also the Adsense web marketing program or even include additional textual content advertisements to your affiliate marketing programs to the front page using rotating banner applications or perhaps rotating advertising campaign schedules to make the website deliver very professional-looking and lively advertisements. Also use the tracking applications. Doing this, it is possible to monitor exactly where the majority of your sales and profits are originating from. Always keep adding new content articles in all the sections in your website even after the site is completed. Be sure to include sales pages for all the services that you offer on the site, products, or affiliate marketing opportunities that you may be promoting. You can also add “Thank You” pages for any downloads of offer or e-books or software which always include hyperlinks to your income-generating affiliate programs so that you can profit more out of giving away free gifts to your website visitors. You may use good Autoresponder scripts to your web pages to collect the visitors’ email addresses and their names so that you will be able to send them more information about everything, including the information about the affiliate products and services that you are selling.

As soon as everything is properly set up, recheck each and every aspect of your website to ensure that the complete website works as intended and there are no errors of whatsoever nature. Check your hyperlinks and ensure that things are all in order. Ensure that your shopping cart is fully functional. Be sure that any kind of forms present on your website are functioning correctly so as to add your visitors to your various opt-in mailing lists. Test drive all the features on your website to ensure that all are working efficiently. Set up your auto-responders for any product orders or any requests for your newsletters. It is best to set up your newsletters. As soon as all the features appear to be running effectively, publish your web pages so that web surfers can visit them. Always ping your content and advertise your website using all means of offline and online optimization methods.

Great job!, Now your website is live on the internet to welcome the web traffic. Write at least a couple of great articles in your area of expertise every day and you will have over 150 great articles in a year’s time spread out all over the internet and possibly generating serious cash through sales of your advertisements, products, and services.


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