Tips to Resurrect the Old Blog Articles

Tips to Resurrect the Old Blog Articles

Most webmasters often feel the grudge of finding the old articles written and forgotten. This is more often observed for the websites/ blogs that are updated regularly.

The new posts often push the old posts deep within the heap of other posts hence tending to lose on traffic, though you may find some traffic coming from search engines, but it is more of an inconsistent form. There are few basic tips that may be followed to resurrect such articles for which you had put efforts.

Below are certain basic means usually used by webmasters across the Industry:

  • Creating SEO-friendly and instinctive categories
  • Simple Navigation Structure
  • Logical Search Engine Optimization
  • Inter-Linking the related articles across the website

Despite all, sometimes even this won’t be enough to suffice the requirements. When newer content is added, all your great work would eventually be buried underneath the new one’s. There are certain other means by which you can resurrect the older blog articles.

Putting things in a Different Format Altogether

Many a times a few articles are observed to earn liking, hence fetching massive amounts of traffic, but usually happens only until it stays on the first page of your blog and starts to lose the heat eventually. In that case bloggers may rebuild the content in an altogether different format.

You may try to put that in a video format or may be add a reader poll to it with a reference link to the original (old) article. This should not only keep the topic going but would also send readers to your old article hence helping to bringing it back to life.

Expanding the Topics

You may realize an enhancement for a certain topic that has been described by you in an older post, for example a certain technology that has been upgraded offering a better functionality, in that case you may draft information about the upgraded technology or a comparison based on the information stated in the previous article and the changes that the latest version includes.

Have a link to the old post in that article, this should not only offer your readers with the latest information about an upgraded technology but would also make them refer the old posts allowing them to compare between the upgrades.

Having a Different Dimension

Incase you don’t manage to find any scope to enhance the previously posted information, you may adopt a different approach and present things from a different dimension altogether. If you come across a product that has been caught in competition you may write about the factors that differentiates it from the others.

Products and feature comparisons are a topic that helps users decide about a particular product or service, hence making the information unique and help users build trust in you and your website. Include reference links to the other products, feature comparisons, specifications that you had described in your posts previously under the Also Refer title to get more page views.

Allow readers means to Communicate

Due to the increasing rate of spams, most webmasters prefer to turn off the commenting feature in their blogs. But, it also restricts genuine users to post a comment and share there views on the topic. What you may do is use a plugin that may close the ability to comment after a certain time frame. This would not only get more content added to the page but can also allow users to share the additional information that they have.

The more the discussion the more richness the particular page achieves, furthermore, a new visitor would get to read almost all the information about the topic from different angles. Every new comment added to a particular blog would seem to the search engines as if some new content is added to the page hence making it fresh again hence making it to crawl your page again.

Segregate Articles Based on Topics

If there is a certain topic that you often write about, you may build a new article describing the topic and add reference links alongside the appropriate description. This can in turn help users finding all the articles on a topic at one place and enable bookmarking it for future references. This can further benefit you in terms of SEO and it’d improve the internal linking.

You may create a blog post listing the articles with reference links and some description about the same that had received liking in the past.

This though seems to be a casual and a promotional approach, but would surely get some liking from regular visitors to your website as they would find the articles at much ease without wasting much time. Though the category links does the same thing, but the only difference is you cannot see the description for an article.

Promoting links over Social Networks

You may make a list of certain articles that describes about a certain which may be of use even today. You may then promote it over social networking sites, just make sure to mix it up with the new one’s.

Moreover you need to be very sure about the relevance and whether it would actually be useful to the people in your network. This should make the article go viral again and bring it back to life in a relatively shorter period of time.

Using such simple tricks can help you achieve better traffic to the left-out web pages hence increasing page-views which can affect the overall views and bounce rates in a positive way.