Top 5 New Domain gTLDs to Pre-register at eUKhost in 2015

Top 5 New Domain gTLDs to Pre-register at eUKhost in 2015

Top 5 New Domain gTLDs to Pre-register at eUKhost in 2015

Domain is an integral part of any website, it represents the characteristics of a website. From 1985 to 2012 only 22 new gTLDs have been launched, but in between 2013 to 2015 – 617 new gTLDs are to be launched which are more specific to the website niche. 67 new gTLDs have entered the Sunrise phase since Oct 31, 2013 and the graph is still increasing. To select  the right TLD (top-level domain) or extension for your website can be a difficult process, especially when the  version is been already registered by someone else. According to an ICT survey people always look for .com version of the domain name for their website, but nowadays it is possible to register the same domain name with another gTLDs which are released by ICANN for the intended purpose.

In the next 24 months 617 New gTLDs would be ready to give a website a exact surname. The 21st century domain name revolution has arrived! ICANN announced from November 2013 until 2015 a large number near about 617 new gTLDs to be launched to represent a specific brand website. The wave of new top level domains will create a changing internet landscape forever. Brand owners need to prepare a complete waterfall model now to secure the most obvious domain names. To secure your brand name before anyone else you can pre-register it at eUKhost LTD.  We have a large assortment of endless possibilities, finding the perfect name.

Please take a look at the Top 5 New Domain TLDs to Pre-register at eUKhost LTD in 2015,

Top-5-New-Domain-gTLDs-to-Pre-register at-eUKhost-in-2015


.DEGREE Domain TLD can be used as a unit of measurement, according to this domain characteristics, it can be used to represent weather, quantities of materials or energy, educational purpose by universities, sports teams that use “degree” to indicate a ranking, or by scientists that take measurements to create data analysis.


The world is a word which includes many things, it depends upon the user how he wants to represent the website. It is a generic term that may apply to different business, private, and non-profit sectors, wildlifes, adventure, community. The nature of .WORLD TDL is unique and flexible and can be used to fill domain name space for different purposes. With .WORLD, products, businesses, organizations and individuals that offer global services, charities, or goods have a new digital hub on the Web.


A Good chance to represent your band online and become an online Rockstar with .BAND gTLD, its time for all those who dream to become rock stars it helps you to to grow your band’s online presence. The domain TLD .BAND conveys a direct message about music for each age group and up coming bands. Noe stars don’t want to rely on social networking websites to earn views for their dedication towards music because .BAND provides an online digital hub for the music world that’s accessible to every individual by bands, businesses the writers who write about them.


One day all have to be part of this, the phrase “rest in peace” means deep silence and a step towards a new life. The domain TLD .RIP has come to represent an outlet for the grieving, a wish for the dead, to remember loved ones, for website owners, bloggers and everyone who wants to have their own web address.


The perfect domain TLD for small and large retailers, merchants, traders and oragnisations. From Cars to clothing, laptops to lamps this domain TLD will give you an opportunity to start an online shop to sell all your stuff on the web. The most prefect gTLD ever launched. Prefect to sell goods, products without having to go through another company, get right buyer and increase the number of online consumers with  .FORSALE Domain TLD which is a searchable, relevant, and a market TLD.


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