Most Popular Webmail Clients – Top 5

Most Popular Webmail Clients – Top 5

5 Most Useful Webmail Clients for Business.

Why when it comes to email, webmail is the way forward.

The problem with old-fashioned email is that it is stuck in the office. If that’s all you have, then there’s no way of knowing if you’ve got that important mail in your inbox until you’re logged back into your company’s network.

If you need instant access to your mail 24/7 from any device with a browser, then the answer is webmail: an email system that is stored on the internet server and allows you to send and receive on any device from anywhere you have a phone or Wi-Fi signal.

For real business functionality, you want a webmail client that will do more than just send and receive emails. You need it handle messaging, calendars, tasks, and notes. You want to be able to arrange meetings, collaborate on projects and access all your files. And you need it doing securely.

To help, we’ve looked at the 5 webmail clients which we think you’ll find very useful for your business.



Already installed on all our cPanel servers, SquirrelMail is a webmail client that supports both IMAP and SMTP protocols. It’s also designed to be compatible across all browsers so that it will work without a problem on any web-enabled device.

Despite its simple user interface, Squirrel Mail offers a wide range of features including the ability to create and manage folders, filter messages, change colour schemes, use calendars and arrange message order. It even comes with built-in spam detection a spam filter and a reporting function called Spam Cop.

For international businesses, one of its most useful features is the in-built translator. Write your message in English and then get it translated for you or translate messages you receive into English.

Perhaps the most important feature for business is the Pop 3 Fetch Mail. This allows you to have your current business emails downloaded from your server to your Squirrel Mail inbox, meaning you can access and reply to them when out of the office. And you’ll still be able to use Outlook or any other client when back in the office.

Squirrel Mail is available via cPanel at eukhost.

Horde Mail

Horde Webmail

Horde Webmail is an enterprise ready webmail client that is ideal for browser based communication. Users can send, receive and organise emails and also manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Just like Squirrel Mail, Horde provides users with access to both IMAP and POP3 mailboxes, so you can import emails from your business server, and it handles standard MIME attachments too. Users can also create email filters and set preferences.

Features include the ability to perform a range of account management functions such as forwarding email, setting up auto-respond messages and, for security, changing passwords.

Horde is available on cPanel and Plesk at eukhost.

RoundCube Mail

RoundCube Webmail

One of the most appealing features of RoundCube is that its user interface looks much more familiar to users of traditional desktop email clients, like Outlook, and for this reason, you feel at home with it quite quickly. However, it’s underneath the skin where RoundCube truly makes its mark.

RoundCube provides the complete functionality you’d expect from a business-ready email client, including address book, message searching, folder manipulation and spell checking.

It provides drag and drop message management, the ability to send rich text and HTML messages, with attachments, and allows users to send messages from different email identities (ideal if using on a device where you need to use both personal and business email addresses).

For larger organisations, RoundCube provides the capacity for unlimited users and messages, as well as the ability to import and export messages and files to your business email server.

RoundCube Mail is available on cPanel and Plesk at eukhost.

Mail Enable

Mail Enable Webmail

Mail Enable offers extensive webmail capabilities that are ideal for business users. It provides all the same features as Round Cube and more. And it’s the more that makes it an exciting email client for busy organisations.

What sets Mail Enable apart, are four specific features. Firstly, is its ability to sync between devices. As it stores all your information in the cloud, it makes it easy for the device you are using to update, making sure that your emails, calendar, tasks and contacts are current.

The second feature is that Mail Enable is device aware. This means that it knows what device you are using and optimizes its display and functionality for that particular device. Mail Enable can detect whether it’s being used on touch-screen devices and it can change screen resolution and scroll behaviour accordingly.

For business users, the third very useful feature is the ability to share files, including multimedia files, across your business and webmail networks. Upload at the office via Outlook, download and edit on your iPad at home and then it’s synced and ready to work on again when you’re back in the office.

The Free & Busy Scheduling tool is also very useful for businesses. It tells you the free and busy status of your staff so that, when arranging meetings, you can find a time when everyone is free saving you the trouble of emailing invitations and waiting for replies.

Mail Enable is available on Plesk at eukhost.



Available on all eukhost Dedicated Servers FREE. SmarterMail is a leading edge webmail client offering an extensive range of powerful features. Business users will find SmarterMail’s interface both intuitive and user-friendly, providing access to email, calendars, notes, tasks and even instant messaging from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

SmarterMail’s functionality can also be accessed from any web browser with an Internet connection. Security is always a concern for business users and SmarterMail have developed their system to make your organisation’s communications secure.

For example, SmarterMail’s instant messaging service tracks and archives all your company’s messages, ensuring compliance with data protection internal policies, whilst keeping all communication securely within your organisation.

One other useful function for businesses is the ability to link emails with tasks. Frequently, when you send emails, they request something to be actioned. SmarterMail lets users link a message to a task to ensure that important communications and instructions regarding the task are always easily accessible.

SmarterMail is provided free on all eukhost dedicated servers.

If you need advice about which webmail client might be suitable for your business, call us on 0800 862 0380 or visit eukhost Contact Us to find other ways of getting in touch. We’ll be happy to help with your inquiry 24×7.