Ubuntu 14.04 to bring full menu back to Nautilus File Manager

Ubuntu 14.04 to bring full menu back to Nautilus File Manager

For the upcoming Long-Term Support (LTS) release of Ubuntu, version 14.04, developers have patched the Nautilus File Manager to bring back full menu support which was previously present in older versions of Ubuntu, such as the current LTS, Ubuntu 12.04, but disappeared later on as newer versions of the GNOME File Manager were used.

In GNOME 3, many GNOME applications use a single menu which group common menu functions instead of spreading them across different top-level menu items. Ubuntu eventually needed to include an updated version of the Nautilus File Manager, however some Ubuntu users have expressed repeated discontent with the newer versions of Nautilus which not only has a simplified menu dropdown, but some ‘advanced’ features removed which were present in older versions, such as type-ahead find.

Ubuntu 14.04 Nautilus File Manager ScreenshotUbuntu 14.04 is scheduled for release on April 17 this year, and being the next LTS, will be supported for a period of 5 years until April 2019. Alongside improvements to performance and hardware compatibility, Ubuntu 14.04 is set to include new features such as local app menus which will be available alongside the default global app menus for the active foreground application, as shown in the image.

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