Understanding the cloud from a Businesss Perspective

Understanding the cloud from a Businesss Perspective

The year 2010 can be considered to be a revolutionary year for Cloud. It was this year that Cloud actually shed its skin and emerged as a promising future of computing. The Same year, many hosting providers realized the potential in Cloud Hosting, hence started offering the services in different shapes, sizes and platforms. The new technology empowered Web Hosting companies with offering viable solutions to their existing client-base.

This year i.e.. 2011, majority of us are aware about Cloud, but there still exists a number of individuals who do not have a clear knowledge about how the technology would cause an effect in the progress of a particular company. Moreover, a number of companies aren’t even sure if they actually need to adopt the new technology. It is observed that it is only the big enterprises who often tend to implement the new technologies first, this may be due to the ample availability of resources and staffing or a zest to try new things. More often, it helps such enterprises to take a leap ahead in the competition. Whereas the other not so large companies, due to a discomfort of adopting the new trends lag behind, they also have a tendency of approaching the changes with an attitude like Why change something when all is running smoothly?

Though to a certain extent such an approach does prove effective, but there isn’t any harm with having an in-depth knowledge of the technologies that have newly hit the market. It can help you choose among a wide array of options and invest in one that seems to offer large benefits in the years to come, hence taking your business to the next levels.

Looking at the pace of development happening in the Cloud computing Industry, and with more and more large players entering this Industry, it makes us believe that Cloud is the future of Computing.

Things have started to change, i.e. from a fixed monthly billing to an hourly billing model, now possible only with Cloud Hosting. A number of hosting providers are still in a kind of dilemma, with a big question mark prefixed with a WHY. True to a certain extent today, but you are anyhow going to switch over tomorrow as the entire industry starts implementing it, so why not atleast get educated now. If your competitors implement a business model that offers the best value for money to the customer, your customer’s too might move-over to them. Today, success might be at your side, but if you aren’t capable enough to cope up with the global transformations, do you think that the conditions would stay the same ? NO .

If you run a hosting business and wish to try out Cloud Hosting technology, it is important that you evaluate the business model thoroughly and refurbish the traditional ways of running your business. The following list of aspects can be taken into consideration for that purpose.

Do you think that your business is enough mature to switch over to Cloud Servers ?

As a matter of fact, any website no matter how big or small it is can use Cloud as a platform for hosting. It comes with a default quality of High Availability (HA) also referred to as the failover, which enables the Cloud to achieve 100% uptime for your websites. Though there are different technologies used for building a cluster of Cloud servers for example VMware, HyperV etc.hence based on your website requirements, an appropriate model can be chosen. Moreover the setup usually makes use of RAID storage devices hence making it nearly impossible for losing your valuable data due to failure of storage devices.

What sort of an investment is required for setting up a cloud ?

The investments would be no different than what you’ve been doing earlier with the traditional set-ups. Yet here is a list of requirements : new hardware with better capacity, energy efficient hardware (which would help you save on energy costs) and the licenses required for implementation of Cloud architecture over the hardware that would offer you redundancy and failover.

This may seem to be a long leap and an extra load over your pocket, but in the long run you would realize the kind of returns it has to offer. One of the primary qualities of Cloud is the level of automation it offers, hence allowing you to save expenditure on the human resource necessary for managing the platform. As the technology matures, you can expect even more automation hence helping you to make your life simpler.

You might not even have realized when you’ve started using cloud based applications, a very good example of that is the Gmail, it had switched over to the new platform long-ago. Did you realize the difference, No, right ? Cloud has indeed brought a difference to the traditional computing mechanism, it has gone from a macro to micro level of management, hence allowing you to better manage a business.


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