Use SSL Security to Show that you Care about your Customer’s Data

August 17, 2011 / Industry News Web Hosting

Being an online business entrepreneur it is your duty to explore methods that would decrease customer purchase costs, enhance customer loyalty and try to achieve the maximum conversion ratio. The aspect of trust and a feeling of security in your website is something that distinguishes a casual visitor and a prospective buyer.

The following information describes various methods of making the customers aware about the efforts you’ve been implementing to keep their information secure, hence establish a bond of trust with you and your business.

Activating the padlock for your website using SSL Certificate

As most of the readers might be aware, an SSL Certificate functions on a server-to-browser security technology. Upon installation of SSL over a server, you enhance the capability of the server to use the certificate. Basic pointers such as a padlock and a URL containing ‘https://’ instead of the usual ‘http://’, enables the user to build a factor of trust in your site.

The padlock resembles the fact that various information such as personal, credit card, password etc. is transmitted from the browser via a secure encrypted channel to your server. Hence ensuring a safe transfer of information which despite of any interception cannot be read by anyone, therefore retaining the confidentiality through-out the process.

Secure Site Seal to Earn further Trust

In-addition to the above mentioned pointers, it is recommended to add a Site Seal to the pages of the website. The Seal holds the information about your business and can be accessed by clicking it, this is further known to build more trust in the eyes of the customer.

It is observed that the users of browsing your website tend to get converted as a customer than compared to a site that does not show it. It is a good practice to portray simple info. about the way you secure customer’s data and writing a simple statement referring to the SSL you’ve used on your website which can be verified by viewing the padlock and ‘https://’ in the website URL.

Using SSL on Multiple Pages of the Website

It is a wiser decision of using SSL for multiple pages of the website where you expect the customer to submit an information instead of only adding it to the page that accepts credit card details. Rather every page the sends or receives information should be secured using the SSL Certificate.

Opting for an EV SSL to Enhance the Factor of Trust

EV SSL also known as the Extended Validation SSL is considered as an enhanced method of earning trust and achieving better security. Installing this certificate would not only display a pad-lock and show https:// but would also turn the web browsers address bar as green (ofcourse, the browser needs to be EV enabled).

This can help you build a reputation about your business as an investor in latest security technologies to help secure customer’s data. This can help you achieve a better conversion rate as the new generation customer’s would trust such technologies and feel an aspect of safety about their data.

Keeping the Softwares and Applications installed on your web server, Updated

This isn’t a factor of displaying your efforts taken to secure the customer data, but actually safeguarding it from potential thefts and hacks. Despite the kind of platform used, there has been an increasing threat over the web, any vulnerability might prove to be fatal unless it is rectified before-hand.

Moreover, complexities tend to increase between the server and browser communications. Any vulnerabilities may tend to get compromised without your knowledge, hence it is logical to have an updated version of softwares and applications with latest security patches installed over the server.

Laying down an Effective Password Policy for the FTP and Control Panel usage

Laying an effective password policy for the usage of Control Panel, FTP and different tools installed on the server can help you achieve a great deal of security hence enabling your customers a safer experience with using your services.


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