Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of the most widely used keyword tools, especially by the internet marketers all over the world who use it to create advertisement campaigns in Google and generate targeted website traffic through those campaigns.

If used with great understanding and mastery over this very important keyword research tool and about your keywords selection and how those keywords can be used will help you immensely in creating profitable campaigns and make on the internet.

This article only skims the infinite capabilities of the entire Google Adwords website, and so you may do a lot more research and use the tools provided by Google in your internet marketing campaigns.

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Let us use the previously collected keywords and find further information on each of those using the keyword research tool provided by Google. It is a free tool to use and do high-quality research on keywords.

Normally, the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is used by internet marketers all over the world for doing their Adwords CPC (cost per click) marketing campaign, but we shall use this great keyword research tool to only find information about the keywords.

So let type in the in our browser’s address bar, which will then automatically redirect to a specific URL pertaining to Google’s Adwords section.

Sign in with your Google Gmail account if you have still not created your Adwords account.

The following screens will help you create it. One easy choice is to sign in then with your existing email (Gmail) address and the associated password:

Once you have signed in, you will have to set your permanent time zone country or territory, India and (GMT +05:30) Indian Standard Time, for example, an select a permanent currency for your account (you may put the choice of your currency US Dollar or Indian Rupee, for example.

Remember, you cannot change these two settings (time zone and currency) later so decide firmly what you want to use for these settings. For our example here, I have chosen India and US Dollar as the two settings. Continue with the Adwords account creation and then sign into the Adwords account again in the following screen:

Once you have successfully signed in, click on the Reporting and Tools menu and select the Keyword Tool sub-men item under it as shown in the image below:

The main part of the following screen will be similar to the following image. It is here that you will type in all the previously collected keywords. You may also any keywords here or you may use the keywords extracted using any other special keyword research tool like Market Samurai.

Type in those keywords in the box named Word or phrase (one per line). For example, as shown in the following image, I have typed wrinkle cream in the Word or phrase box:

Now you can use many options to conduct a proper research and this wonderful keyword research tool provides many great options to you, each option can do a very important task in your research to make your research and CPC related marketing campaign extremely successful.

Use those options in your own way to help build your niche website or to create a successful Adwords marketing campaign.

Google lets you use this keyword research tool as a part of an overall marketing campaign and many internet marketers have very successfully used this tool to make lots of money and to being in fast and extremely targeted traffic to their sites.

The following image shows the results displayed for the keyword wrinkle cream. The results may vary depending on the options that you choose for your own research task, and again, each of those result items (keywords) can be used further to produce more results and so on:

You will find that within minutes Google has given you a great set of related keywords with plenty of important data associated with the keywords you have typed in. It is indeed a very fast-acting keyword research tool and one of the most reliable ones in the market available at present, especially for those internet marketers who wish to do successful Adwords marketing campaign, this tool is the must that should use with or without using other great keyword research tools!

So, you may select any or all of the above keywords and use them in your articles, using them in your Adwords marketing campaigns, or for doing further research, and so on.

As said earlier, this great tool, Google Adwords keyword research tool is of course free to use, and with such a great keyword research tool available freely, you can master it’s other associated tools available on the same site and create a very successful niche website.