Virtuozzo Power Panel Advantages

Virtuozzo Power Panel Advantages

VPS servers are counted as the best hosting platform after shared server accounts. Virtual; servers are created over  Dedicated server and designed to deploy the features like dedicated server with complete control over hosting resources. Virtual private servers are available in both Windows as well in Linux platform. To get a start after a shared server to host any web application or a site cheap windows VPSservers are best with flexibility and customization to handle the load generated over site with reliability and security at any point of time. VPS servers supports different virtualization platforms which allows a VPS to make of use multiple OS and features that increases flexibility in working environment. Virtuozzo Power Panel is one of the best virtualization environment designed to increase flexibility in working of a server by deploying quality features.

VZPP is also called as Virtuozzo Power Panel which is designed and used to manage a Virtual Private Server efficiently. It is really easy for a client to Restart, Stop, Start, and Fast Stop his/her VPS when an emergency occurs. Virtuozzo has features which also helps a user to get better information of his/her VPS by Changing password, File Manager, Resources, System Services, System Processes, Firewall, SSH Connection, Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Action Log, Traffic Log etc.

Virtuozzo Power Panel Features:-

1) It is really easy to Start, stop, fast stop and restart the VPS.
2) VPS Resource Monitoring for central control and monitoring over resource utilization of CPU, system, disk space and disk inodes.
3) VPS Backup/Restore for taking back up including all system and user files.
4) VPS Repair mode the most important used when a VPS is in repair mode or broken and does not boot.
5) Embedded SSH Client which is Connect via integrated SSH client to the VPS.
6) Reinstall the VPS from scratch, either saving or discarding any existing files.

It is really easy to access Virtuozzo Power panel which is accessible via 4643 port. For example: If your main VPS node IP, A client can access VZPP in the following manner With correct User name and  password of your current VPS account. eUKhost UK web hosting service providers are deploying quality web hosting services with best VPS servers in the UK market developed over UK Dedicated servers to deploy secure and reliable services to any web application or site with 24 x 7 customer support and reliability in hosting.


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