Virtuozzo Technology in a VPS Environment

Virtuozzo Technology in a VPS Environment

Benefits of Virtuozzo:

Virtuozzo technology is optimized towards performance and security and hence all Virtual Private Servers are isolated from each other and don’t have access to each others resources. Virtuozzo creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers on a single physical server to share hardware, licenses and management effort with maximum efficiency, a low-overhead, and to create a fast-performing solution that makes it extraordinary from any other VPS technology. It creates a better return of investment as everything you want is automated by their portal system, which will cut down on your overall expenses.

Security & Scalability:

Virtuozzo technology is more tested and secure than other VM technologies that all have friendly residents and are protected from hackers. The network is superb, it is nothing but excellent. You can monitor from remote locations to check the status of your servers whenever it is required without downtime. Each VE can seamlessly scale up to the resources of an entire physical server.



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