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Ways to access blocked/banned websites.

Ways to access blocked/banned websites.


a) Using the IP address: this is the best way to access the domain names. Instead of the domain name, you can directly use the IP address of the website. To find the IP address of a site, you can use this tool:

b) Using the Google Cache: if you are not concerned about the latest content of the website, then Google cache is the best method. Search for the site in Google and then click on the cached link below search results.

c) Using an anonymizer: these allow you to use their sites/servers to access websites which may be blocked/banned at the user’s end. The following is a list of free web based anonymizers: This is one of the best free servers which hides original URL and provides an array of access of options. New site URL is seen in this site but it may get blocked by the filtering software.

d) Online translation tools: these are basically web proxies, the following is a list of free web based translation services:

e) Google Mobile Search:

f) Public proxy servers: although these require you to change your internet connection settings, the end result is quite effective; the following is a list of free public proxy servers:

g) Getting web pages through email: this is only useful if you want to access one website, however, accessing large files is not at all possible.
-Check out this link which includes we page subscriptions :
-List of

h) Tor server: Tor is a proxy server which uses anonymous servers for a single web request. It requires application which should be installed and downloaded. See the link-

i)Your own proxy servers: this is the best and most advanced technique which requires your server to be hosted either at home or with a hosting provider. You can enable SSl encryption and can prevent unauthorised access by others on the internet.
Remember to put access control so that no one can find the service and misuse it.
Web proxies:

j) Using alternate content providers- if Gmail is blocked at your place you can use any other mail address to enable email forward at Gmail. If everything fails then use alternate service providers.

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