Web Traffic – Organic Web Traffic – Part 3

Web Traffic – Organic Web Traffic – Part 3

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Web Traffic: The traffic that comes to your website from using free listing in web directories or in search engines is known as “organic” web traffic. Massive organic web traffic can be generated by listing your site in popular directories like the DMOZ or Yahoo and search engines like Google, and even the yellow pages and the restaurant guides.

To increase the traffic to your website, it is essential to register your website to the major search engines like Google and Yahoo! Also, just registering your website will not guarantee web traffic to your website, because every search engine sends its crawling softwares to the website to collect all the information that the search engines requires. Search engine crawling programs are also called “spiders”, “robots”, or “search engine crawlers”.

The search engine’s crawler collects all the information about the home page of the website, and from there, it follows the links on the home page and visits all the linked pages of the site. In addition, while the crawler visits each page, it also indexes the URL of the page and the Title of the page in their databases.

Many times, the crawler also indexes the Header meta tag of the web page and collects other information from the content of the page to check the relevancy factor.

Due to the collection and indexing of all the important information into the databases of the search engine, it becomes possible for the search engine to display the website’s information to the user as soon as he types the relevant search text into the search engine’s search box.

The search engine searches its databases and finds the websites’ information that matches the search criteria. This search engine’s action of finding the relevant result depends upon hundreds of factors and algorithms that are unique to every search engine.

Organic Web Traffic:

As it is also noticed, the top organic results are favored by the searchers as more authentic and dependable, because the search engine has ranked these pages in the top search results, and these top results usually get the most clicks and visits from the searchers. Hence, it is very important to get your website’s pages into the top results of the search engines.

Due to the growing number of websites on the internet, the search engine’s crawler has to visit and index almost all those web pages. It takes the crawler many days to complete this duty of indexing each web page that it comes across. There are literally billions of web pages, and if a site is relatively new, then it will be many days before its pages get visits from the crawler, and then gets indexed into the search engine.

There are many ways to reduce this delay in getting indexed in the search engine’s database. The most important method to get your website quickly into the search engines top pages is the Google Adwords advertising method. This can ensure a targeted web traffic, sometimes massive, almost instantly. We shall learn more about this exciting method a little later.

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