Website Passports – Instant credibility with trusted external verification

Website Passports – Instant credibility with trusted external verification

Website Passports

What are Website Passports?

Phishing attacks and identity theft are an ever-increasing threat online especially with online websites passing off to be a legitimate organisation fooling people into thinking they are the company or organisation in which the person is associated with as a customer – whether that is with online banking or payment gateway providers, e-mail service providers or e-commerce stores. Website Passports aims to provide a solution to this by having an external organisation validate and authenticate your company and your company’s website. The external verifier checks your company’s registration status and address, VAT status, domain registrant contact information and separately authenticates the security and safety of your company’s website – malware scan status, domain age and website ratings. All of this information is displayed in a website passport which can be displayed on your company’s website.

What are the benefits of having a Website Passport?

Website Passports are issued to your organisation when validation checks are complete. When the passport is issued, you can display this information on a separate section of your website providing potential customers reassurance regarding the legitimacy of your company and your company’s website. The passport has up to the minute feeds from trusted third party sources to ensure that the information contained in the passport is always up to date and accurate.

Your potential customers will have more confidence knowing that your company has taken steps to prove the authenticity of your business and website with detailed status information contained in the passport.

You can opt to choose what information is visible in your passport depending on your target audience. For e-commerce stores, you may wish to opt to display all the information that is part of your passport, as customers may feel the most reluctant to purchase products from e-commerce stores they may have never heard about before.

More information

Read more about Website Passports or call our sales team today on 0800 862 0380. Alternatively, you can contact our sales department by e-mailing us at [email protected].

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