What Does YouTube Mean To Internet Marketers

What Does YouTube Mean To Internet Marketers

What do the features of YouTube mean to the Internet market and Internet marketer?

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What does YouTube Videos Mean To Internet Marketers?

As the advent of television created a revolution in off-line marketing, Web 2.0 marketing has changed for the better since the launch of video sharing websites, especially YouTube. YouTube has been ever since helping the Internet marketers for the presentation of their product advertisements easily and economically.

YouTube has also made it possible for the Internet marketers to train people in the usage of their products by uploading audiovisual tutorials. People can now comfortably watch everything the online market has to present without leaving their homes. Apart from the commercial products, people can watch entertaining videos, for example movies, songs, events, etc.

The high-quality videos that can be uploaded to YouTube can be easily streamed without any distortion to any personal computer that is connected to the Internet with even moderate connection speeds. The modern web technology has enabled videos to be of highest quality yet without becoming too bulky in size.

Internet marketers can now either produce and market their own products or can market affiliate products. Doing business online is a far cheaper option to doing business off-line. YouTube and other media sharing websites have reduced the advertising costs and have increased the product exposure worldwide. In near future, the online advertising market will quickly scale new heights in popularity and growth. The videos require no maintenance and can be watched by millions of viewers worldwide 24 hours a day.

The Internet marketers have one of the best advertising media at their disposal in the form of YouTube. A clever Internet marketer can even quickly become a very rich man without much efforts and investment if he or she systematically utilises the advertising and marketing powers of video sharing websites like YouTube.

The Expenses for marketing and advertising are inexpensive — almost free for the Internet marketers when they upload their commercial products and services on video sharing sites like YouTube. They don’t even have too pay the bandwidth charges to these websites! Their videos can be kept live on the video sharing website as long as they want without paying any fees.

Due to the fact that there is a lack of competition, you can successfully market your products and services using websites like the YouTube. As Google tends to rank YouTube videos very high in the SERPs, and thereby producing massive web traffic to your website, your audiovisual promotion produces fantastic marketing and sales results.

Comparing search engine optimisation using YouTube and other search engine optimisation methods, it is not difficult to see the huge differences. Search engine optimisation using YouTube is much easier and very inexpensive — almost free! — compared to other methods of search engines optimisation (SEO). Getting higher ranks in the SERPs is extremely difficult, even to the professionals, making it almost impossible to compete with the established websites in your niche market.

As mentioned earlier, a good video uploaded to YouTube can quickly generate a high page rank of that page where the video resides and can almost immediately generate huge amount of web traffic to your website if used in an appropriate manner. As you are using audiovisual method, it is much easier for the viewers to grade your video.

A good video message that brings very effective solution to viewers’ problem will always impress the viewers. If you can redirect this laser-targeted traffic to your website then it will impact your sales efforts positively. I call this traffic laser-targeted because, possibly only the people who have been impressed by the content mentioned in your video and wish to learn more about your products and services will find “time” to visit your website! Hence, you need lot more views of your video by the viewers to create more web traffic to your site.

Watching your good video that generates interest will help create a positive frame of mind and conversion of this highly targeted traffic into customers can be easily achieved. Although YouTube is mainly used by amateur people in creating chiefly comical videos, videos of family events, or even copying movies, songs, and even adult content to “impress” net surfers. But, you as an Internet marketer can use the extremely powerful features of YouTube for your business benefits. YouTube videos can mean lots of laser-targeted visitors to your website and massive amounts of potential profits!