What Is A Computer Server | Part 4

What Is A Computer Server | Part 4

Server Database

A server database to answer requests for manipulating data stored in one or several databases. This is typical of research applications, sorting, addition, alteration or deletion of data.

The server database is part of a management system database (abbreviated DBMS) – software that manipulates a database – which includes a client and server software. Requests for data manipulation are often created by management software in the form of queries in SQL, then the client transmits to the server using a specific protocol to the DBMS, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL are DBMS which involve a server database.

A computer application in three tier architecture typically includes a server database (tier 3) with a web server (Tier 2) and a web browser (1 third). The application hosted by the web server is the client server database.

Mail Server

A mail server responds to requests for delivery of electronic messages. The server stores incoming messages, and sends outbound messages to the recipient (another mail server). A mail server also responds to requests for manipulation and retrieval of messages stored.

SMTP is a protocol used to send an email message between a client and server, as well as between a server and another server. POP is a protocol used to retrieve stored messages and transmit them to the client. IMAP is a protocol used to examine and manipulate the stored messages from a client.

The outbound messages are often placed in queues, bundled and sent at regular intervals.

A webmail application is placed on a web server, which acts as a client to a mail server.

Web Server

A web server responds to requests for consultation of documents such as the World Wide Web. Each consultation with a new hypertext document is by a trail link into the software client (usually a web browser) causes sending a new request. Each request can be sent to a different server.

In response to a request, the server can send a document that is stored as a file in the mass memory of the server or execute a treatment and then send the result as a document. HTTP and HTTPS protocols, web servers and HTML is the file format for this purpose.

Apache is a web server for UNIX operating systems and Windows. Internet Information Services (IIS Short) is a web server included in Windows operating systems.

A web application is an application-software composed of a set of treatments that create instant documents following receipt of consultation requests. Webmail, Wiki and Weblog are web applications.

Game Server

The server is part of a game software online multiplayer client-server architecture. It responds to requests for distribution of transactions by each player. The server validates the operations of each player, referees the game and then transmits the changes to other game players.

The game server stores the state of play in memory and maintains. A copy of the game state is sent to the player entering the game.

Upon receipt of an application – performed by a player – the server performs various treatments to control the compliance of the operation over the rules of the game then makes the necessary changes in the state of the game that it stores in memory. The server then sends to individual customers a list of changes made on the state of the game Each client maintains its own copy of the state of play

The protocol is different for each online game and depends on the speed of evolution of the game in an action game like Quake or Half-Life protocol is adapted to a very rapid,. In a web browser game protocols are those of the web server is a web application.

Market For Servers

The market for server computers rose to 53 billion dollars in 2008.

Server Manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of computers are servers (in Q4 2008, according to research firm Gartner):
* Hewlett Packard
* Dell
* Sun Microsystems
* Fujitsu and Fujitsu Siemens
* Others

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