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What Is A Web Portal | Part 2

What Is A Web Portal | Part 2

Types of Portal

Tourist portal

A travel portal is a special category of web portal. Like all other types of portals, it is meant to gather as much information as possible in order to satisfy the curiosity of the user on tourism in the shortest possible period of clicks. Just like the other sites of this nature, tourist portal serves as the “central tracking ‘Internet destinations minors, otherwise difficult to reach through the use of traditional search engines.

In this particular case, the smaller sites will be those belonging to accommodation facilities like hotels, farmhouses, bed and breakfast, to government agencies as common, pro-loco, associations, parks and nature reserves in ticketing services for events, a booking service and travel agencies.

Some websites of this nature simply categorize accommodations depending on geographic location, proximity to tourist attractions and quality of supply. More complete information with itineraries, addresses and opening hours of museums and sites of interest, descriptions of places and cities.

The proceeds of these portals are from the classical form of banner advertising, but mainly from tourism facilities that subscribing to services offered by portals get a custom page. This, in turn, will benefit the Page Rank and placement (usually quite high) already in possession of the portal, resulting in excellent visibility and publicity through the internet.

The services of a travel portal can usually be purchased in two ways:

  • Giving a commission for each booking was through this medium;
  • Subscribing paying a predetermined amount, often varies depending on the commercial packages, namely the set of required services.

Another type of travel portal can be targeted to signaling events in certain areas (municipalities, cities, provinces or even regions). A portal of events can be trained in specific events or to report any kind of events such as concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, theatrical performances and much more.

Other Examples Of Portals

Portals are often community sites that try to collect a set of services of interest to users.

The importance of a portal from the users of its community.

In the case of portals provider most popular Internet such as Orange, the community is derived from internet subscriptions provided by Orange. A significant number of subscribers to Internet service providers have as home portal for their Internet provider.

Some portals have built their reputation on a free service. Some examples: Hotmail (web mail), MSN (web mail).

The portals are built around web services (web access, email free, free directory …) and provide most of the time own editorial content tailored to their community.

A provider of Internet access (ISP) usually has its own Web portal generalist.

  • (ISP);
  • AOL;
  • (ISP);
  • Google;
  • MSN;
  • (ISP);
  • Voila;
  • Yahoo! (ISPs in some countries);

In business, a portal can bring together and facilitate navigation between many web tools. (The internal portal of reference for a company intranet is sometimes called by abuse of language).

The portal technology also provides:

  • A common graphic
  • The ability to customize the page according to the user: one, according to his department, the news will be directed to him specifically, finance, technical, marketing etc.. It will only have access to tools to which it is authorized (eg financial reporting for finance, validation of expense reports for manager);
  • Single sign-on: a user name and password to access the various web tools.

Some Web Portal Technologies

  • Apache Jetspeed-1 and Apache Jetspeed-2
  • UPortal free portal adopted by several universities and educational institutions
  • Honolulu, PC SOFT is free to install
  • Lutece
  • Guppy
  • Prometheus, an education portal free and open
  • Enterprise Portals:

o BEA Weblogic portal
o IBM WebSphere Portal
o SAP Enterprise Portal
o eXo Portal
No Posh
o Liferay
o (en) JBoss portal
o Office SharePoint Server
o Silverpeas
o GateIn

Study: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The text is available under the Creative Commons.


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