What Is An Internet Domain

What Is An Internet Domain

What Is An Internet Domain?

An Internet domain is a network identification associated with a group of devices or computers connected to the internet. The primary purpose of domain names and Internet domain name system (DNS), is to translate the IP addresses of each network in active mode to terms memorable and easy to find. This abstraction allows any service (network) can move from one geographical location to another on the internet, although that will change involve a different IP address.

Without the help of domain name system, Internet users have to access each Web service using the IP address of the node (e.g., would be necessary to use instead of http://google.com).

== URLs vs. Domain name == The following example illustrates the difference between a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and a domain name: URL: http://www.example.net/index.html Domain Name: www. registered domain name example.net: example.net

Top-level domains

When creating the Domain Name System in the 80s, the namespace is divided into two groups. The first includes the domains, based on the two identifying characteristics of each territory according to the abbreviations of ISO-3166. (Eg *. do, *. x) and is called ccTLD (Top Level Domain country code or Country Code Top Level Domain), the latter include a group of seven generic TLDs (gTLDs) representing a series of names and multi-organizations: GOV, EDU, COM, MIL, ORG, NET and INT.

Based domains ccTLDs are administered by nonprofit organizations in each country, I delegated by IANA ICANN for the administration of ccTLDs. The growth of the Internet has led to the creation of new gTLDs. In June 2009, there are 20 gTLDs and 248 ccTLDs.

Organizations related to Internet domains:


IANA is the Authority for Assigned Numbers (from English: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), responsible for overall coordination of the DNS Root protocols, IP addressing and other resources of the Internet Protocol.

ICANN and the official allocation

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers of domains is a nonprofit organization that operates at the level of address space assigned numeric Internet Protocol (IP), identifiers of the management protocol and root server system. Although originally performed these services are Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and other entities under contract with the U.S. government, currently the responsibility of ICANN.


LatinoamerICANN is an organization for the dissemination of information and dialogue on issues of Domain Names, IP numbers and Internet Governance Government or in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its mission also is to place information in Spanish, Portuguese and French for all, considering that the information in the languages of the region is still an element to understand the phenomena of the Internet, from a regional perspective in the global context.


LACTLD is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring together administrators of ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean, in order to coordinate joint policies and development strategies of domain names at the regional level, represent the interests sets of their members from relevant agencies, promote the development of ccTLDs in the region, encouraging cooperation and exchange of experience among its members in all aspects necessary for the proper functioning of the ccTLDs and establish partnerships with organizations Similar to other world regions.


InterNIC is a registered trademark and service of the Ministry of Commerce of the USA and licensed to IANA for management of public disputes related to domain name registration.


LACNIC is the organization for the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean. Its aim is the construction and articulation of collaborative efforts for Internet development and stability in Latin America and the Caribbean. While not directly related domains, it is the regional organization responsible for Internet resources like IP addresses and ASNs.

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