What is ASP.NET? What are the Differences Between ASP.NET and PHP?

What is ASP.NET? What are the Differences Between ASP.NET and PHP?

ASP.NET is not a programming language on its own. ASP.NET consists of the .NET application framework, and a programming language that can be used with the .NET framework for web application development.

However, there are ASP-specific controls and features that are incorporated into your .aspx files that work with the “code-behind” ASP.NET application code, using the programming language of your choice that can be used with the .NET framework.

Please note that ASP.NET web applications only run on the Windows platform; ASP.NET being a Microsoft technology, including our Windows Shared Web Hosting, Windows Reseller Web Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting.

When developing ASP.NET applications, you use Visual Studio (or Visual Web Developer Express – free version) Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Although you don’t need to use the Visual Studio IDE, you’ll be doing a lot more work to develop ASP.NET applications if you don’t use it.

What is the .NET application framework?

The .NET application framework consists of a large array of sections for different application functionality you may need to do. In the case of creating a Windows desktop application, to add a button onto your Windows application, you’d use the System.Windows.Forms.Button section of the .NET framework.

The .NET framework is incredibly versatile has a large complex structure because of how feature-rich the framework is, but it is easy to learn the areas of the .NET framework you’d use in your .NET desktop and web applications.

But the .NET framework is also used for web application development using ASP.NET. And the great thing about this is you can get .NET to automate a lot of things for you. If you recall, I spoke about “ASP.NET-specific controls” that can be used in your applications.

In fact, .NET web application development is so similar to .NET desktop application development that you’d find it easy to learn web application development using .NET if you are already familiar with desktop application development using .NET, and vice versa.

The reason being is, unlike PHP and other languages when finding what the information is of a postback (i.e. when a user submits a form, that is a postback), you use the .NET framework and you use similar methods you’d use for desktop applications.

If you have created the HTML form yourself, you can add the attribute to the HTML form tag runat=”server” which means when the form is submitted, ASP.NET will process the form and means you can get the information that was submitted through the form as a result.

However, you can also use ASP.NET web controls which will use ASP.NET-specific HTML-like syntax, which will then get the server, using the .NET framework, to output the HTML equivalent of the ASP.NET web control.

For example, on the Toolbox (as shown on the right), you can ad the TextBox web control, which is equivalent of using the System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox area of the .NET framework.

When the form is submitted, you would fetch the contents of the TextBox like this:

FormTextField = TextBox1.Text

Compared to PHP:

$text = $_POST[‘username’];

What programming languages can I use with ASP.NET?

Visual Basic

Microsoft introduced Visual Basic as an easy to learn and use programming language, and it relatively is, the only concepts you’ll really have to take some time to understand is object oriented programming concepts and the .NET framework.

For i Integer As Integer = 1 To 100
 count = count + 1
Next i
C Sharp (C#)

C# syntax much more resembles that of other languages, such as Java, PHP and JavaScript.

for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++)