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What Is Bandwidth | Part 2

What Is Bandwidth | Part 2

What Is Bandwidth? — Continued

You can check the amount of bandwidth that you have used up by checking the statistics in the control panel of your web host server. If you are using cPanel, you can view lots of statistics that will tell you about how much bandwidth your web pages are using every day, and also which particular web pages are being accessed more frequently. If those web pages are not very useful to your website’s overall growth, or are not able to add to the income from your website, then you can either modify those web pages with suitable and profitable content and advertisements, or remove those web pages that are not generating value to your website.

In this way, you can plan to monetize your web pages depending upon how much traffic it is getting, and also depending upon the quality of the web traffic to these web pages. The bandwidth must be used in an optimum way if you are really concerned about the positive growth of your site. Using these statistics, you can easily analyze if the hosting plan that you have chosen meets your bandwidth requirements. You can then downgrade or upgrade your web hosting plan accordingly.

Also the amount of bandwidth that you require depends upon the type of web hosting server that your websites are using. If you have a top quality dedicated web hosting server, the bandwidth that you would have will be high when you compare it with that of a shared web hosting server. This is because, on a dedicated server, there is no other user present other than you to share the server’s resources, which includes the bandwidth too. You get the control over the entire dedicated web hosting server. You can then utilize the bandwidth any way as you decide.

On the other hand, on a shared web hosting server, there are many, sometimes a few hundred, users and their websites present on a single web hosting server. Due to this fact, all the resources of the web server, for example, the disk space, the memory allocation, the bandwidth, and other web tools and applications are shared between many users and websites.

Further, if any user on the shared web server indulges in using scripts that generates lots of auto-blogs and produces immense amounts of data, or over-utilizes the bandwidth that is offered to him, it will affect the other users present on that entire web hosting server. There are chances that even your website will go down or will face uptime problems due to no fault at your website.

There are many web hosting providers offering unmetered bandwidth, or unlimited bandwidth to attract lots of customers. But beware of the fact that there are no advantages to the web host in the long run from giving away ‘unlimited’ bandwidth.  The web hosts also have to pay for the bandwidth used by his customers, and if all his users begin using unlimited bandwidth, then the web host offering these unlimited bandwidth plan will quickly go out of the hosting business!

So, opt for the best and reliable web hosts who are honest in quoting reasonable fees for their web hosting plans. These honest web hosts have the welfare of their customers in mind and the fees that they charge are very nominal considering the features and quality that they offer.

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