What is HyperVM and its advantages

What is HyperVM and its advantages

HyperVM is virtualization technology with multiple features like multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization platform which allows a VPS hosting service provider a provision to manage and delegate OpenVZ based virtual private servers. HyperVM also comes integrated hosting control panel to deploy a full fledged web hosting environment. HyperVM technology allows its users to manage Virtual Private Server across multiple cheap windows VPS servers. It provides a mechanism to manage and configure IP address, gateway from the integrated control panel and a full-fledged unique IP address pool to facilitate large scale management.

HyperVM has  many advantages like it has the ability to show the actual server usage in an organized and easy-to-understand graphs with the amount of memory usage, physical disk usage, and bandwidth usage. With HyperVM, users can conduct boot tests, shutdown tests, and reboot tests. The IP address used in the test is also displayed and the rest of the control panel can easily be accessed from within the test module.

HyperVM is developed and designed to manage the virtual private server hosting environment and it nearly includes all aspects of managing a server and website, without having access to the server. Because of its unique user-interface, VPS server based features and functionality, and low cost HyperVM becomes the most suitable solution for anyone who wants to use a virtual private server environment to host their web applications.


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