What is Load Balancing and why it is used?

What is Load Balancing and why it is used?

Cloud servers are counted as best to maintain availability of a website and the popularity of cloud servers increase due to the concept which is used with server network to maintain availability of a website to handle the load generated at server through Load balancing. From the technical perspective it is a computer networking myth which is used to distribute workload across multiple servers or a computer cluster, network links, central processing units, disk drives, or other resources, to achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload to maintain availability of a website. Multiple components can be used with load balancing, instead of a single component because they can increase reliability through redundancy.

The concept of Load balancing is used because it improves the performance of server due to distributed load the traffic gets divided over connected server network and busy and large schedules gets divided over networks .Without balancing load in busy networks it is very difficult to satisfy the entire request issued to server. Organization into the web services or online business normally makes use of load balancing technique and engages two web servers ( or more servers accordingly ). If one of the web server gets overloaded or goes off, in that case alternate server activates and access the requested load.

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