What is SMTP and POP3?

What is SMTP and POP3?

Everybody has an email but a personalized email which uses a domain name helps your business to grow and also becomes easy for the visitors of your site to contact you personally through the business which you are growing.

The email which is based on your domain name is always available. All the mails which are sent to your domain name email box are obtained through POP3. This is provided by the email program. All you need to do is enter your email address and then enter your password to receive your email.
The SMTP email is completely opposite to that of POP3 email. You will get your mails in a same way but is completely handled by your hosting company and sent to your email box. It’s better to have an email address which is based on your domain name so that it will be easy for site visitors to contact you in a much better way.

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