What is ZamFoo : An Introduction

What is ZamFoo : An Introduction

ZamFoo is a Common Gateway Interface wrapper that plugs into WHMs server functionality. Zamfoo is considered to offer an enhanced capability of ‘Reseller Center’. This avoids the necessity of buying a dedicated server to suffice your requirements. The software suite offered by ZamFoo, is basically a bundle of WHM plugin/addon modules that helps with offering extended flexibility of reselling hosting services using the Cpanel and WHM. To keep it simple, the plugin offers enhanced features to a tradition Reseller Hosting.

The name was actually derived from ‘Zam‘ ie. quick and ‘Foo’ after FOOBAR, therefore we all know it today as ‘ZamFoo‘. The product basically helps users with creating Alpha and Master WHM accounts, wherein CentOS is suggested to be an ideal operating system to run this addon, though this should not be misunderstood that other OSs aren’t supported.

An Introduction to The ZamFoo Software Suite

ZamFoo Reseller: Super Alpha, Alpha and Master Reseller Script are available for usage by hosts.
As stated earlied, Zamfoo integrates directly into the WHM flate file framework and architecture hence offering better consistency, stability and flexibility to webmasters. An extension to the basic tool that doesn’t usually work with WHMReseller software such as client migration tools, ACL feature list stability, ip reservation and delegation, account chain auditing, account validation and full billing system integration for WHMCS, Whm AutoPilot, ClientExec and any others without any of the CPU load problems.
With the plugin users get a separate panel for Alpha and Master Resellers each which further offers the ability  of providing auto-grant to Alpha Master at the root level. The data of the master reseller can be found in the client’s home directory, it can be accessed during WHM migrations. It also has a data backup and restore option with Master and Alpha data backup and restore options.

The below options are available with Zamfoo Reseller Suite

Full Version : BOTH ALPHA AND MASTER with BRANDING. WHM Plugin / WHM Addon Script License.

MASTER ONLY with BRANDING : ZamFoo Reseller WHM Plugin Script License
ZamFoo: Reseller – MASTER ONLY WHM Plugin / WHM Addon Script License.

ZamFoo IP Admin
Delegate reserved ips to your resellers or provide them dedicated shared IP addresses for their reseller account.

Free/Trial Licenses
Users can either create a max of 6 Alpha or Master Accounts or Use it for 2 Months, whichever comes first. The trial version is applicable to only one user and not per server.

ZamFoo [email protected]: This plugin is Included in the ZamFoo Reseller Software
[email protected] is a WHM migration plugin enable a proper management of server to server migration for users having WHM reseller, Master Reseller or Alpha Master Reseller. It offers an interface that enables uploading a complete backup file provided it is in  backup-date_time_username.tar.gz format. During this process the level of security remains the same as what you’ve applied to the server.


Source : http://www.zamfoo.com/tiki-index.php


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