What Keeps Businesses In UK Away From The Cloud?

What Keeps Businesses In UK Away From The Cloud?

The mindset that data which is off premise is not safe and the over-cautious behavior is among the factors that prevents businesses from making use of cloud computing which could truly be useful for them.

Although Cloud Computing has been around for quite some time now but businesses have started to capitalize on its abilities only recently. While many businesses and users in other countries like the US have embraced the cloud, businesses in the UK seem to be not getting the right stimulus.

Cloud Computing

According to a survey of various companies in the UK and the US has highlighted the fact that compared to companies in the US which is over 50% only 35% companies in UK use cloud storage for their data needs. For other purposes like capacity management also nearly half of UK businesses make use of cloud computing compared to their counterparts.

The general attitude of businesses and IT decision makers in the UK was not in favour of cloud. The concerns related to data security had a major role to play in businesses being wary of cloud services.

The concern for security of data which is stored with a third party was not the only reason for UK businesses to turn their heads away from the cloud. The lack of necessary legal framework to support the move to clouds was also a contributing factor to the general avoidance of cloud. There are not enough regulations to safeguard the interests of the businesses and provide a framework for UK Cloud Providers.

To further add to the woes the regulation of the EU financial services also acts as a hurdle for those who are interested in moving to the cloud platform and make their businesses more efficient.

Despite all the skepticism and an inherent negative attitude of businesses, there is still a growth in the adoption of cloud based services. As there are better frameworks developed to support these services and the security concerns of the businesses being answered there will be more demand for cloud computing and businesses in the UK would surely benefit from it.