What might look like a good backup plan ?

What might look like a good backup plan ?

Ideally, it is considered that a policy of reliable and secure data backup for small businesses and remote offices should be based on the following criterion:

Automatic Backup: The backup program should consist of an automatic backup scheduler, that shall launch and conduct the backups automatically once the backups are scheduled without the need of human involvement.

Objective: In order to prevent oversights, backups should not be applied during holidays when people are more active on websites.

Transparency of the Backup: The backup process should be totally transparent to the users. While the backups running in the background the user must be able to work on the documents without any issues. The backup process should not create any kind of load on the server.

Objective: Not to harm the work of users who would then be tempted to push the backup.

Centralized Backup System: Ideally, for companies of significant size that manage a larger installed base should be able to manage the backups centrally. In accordance with the backup policy, the administrator would be the person who decides on common parameters and handles all positions and servers.

Objective: To guarantee a consistent backup policy across the enterprises along with the data protection according to their importance.

Remote Backups: Remote backup is one of the most important factor to be considered. The backing up your data should be held to geographically separated locations far away from your premises. This is because a loss could damage your backups as well.

Objective: To have a free backup to restore in case of any disaster relating to the website of your company.

Also, never forget the primary function of an online backup plan (ie. data recovery). The backup software used must offer you the ability to access the backed up data through a web client. The user should be able to restore the whole backup and specific files and folders as well.

This backup and restore process must be done via a secure https protocol, in which it authenticates using the login id and password. Depending upon the above mentioned criteria an offsite backup hosting plan should be chosen to ensure the data safety of your dedicated server.

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