What to do when website crashes

What to do when website crashes

Online business is a good a way to earn money by hosting a website over any reputed web host. But security of your website data is most important because number of visitors are accessing your website to use services and products deployed by your online. Website downtime can be very frustrating and it can be even worse. It will affect your website, its users and your entire business because due to popularity of web hosting and online business many malicious attacks can be happens on sites to make different types of hacks.

But it is really important that you should know what things to perform while your site breaks down. Following steps will help you to take precautions,

  • First thing you have to perform is purchase a back up DNS because downtime can be related to your Domain Name Server. Your DNS backup service will take your DNS information in case your primary DNS shuts down.
  • Purchase a Website Monitoring Service from your web host and talk to tech guys. This service will help you to send hits to your website and this will notify you minutes before if breaks down.
  • The most important of all Backup your database. Pay a bit extra to your web host to provide an extra backup before everything else will fail.
  • To reduce downtime you can keep your domain name on auto renew this will fix your Downtime problems. Set it to auto renew.
  • Use GWT(Google Webmaster Tools) which is a free service by Google that provides you with reports about your website visibility. You will also be informed of any error that you are having while using the tool.
  • Use the right server domain codes.

What to do WHEN your sites crashes:

  • First verify the break down. Make sure that the site is really down. Check and Identify if the problem is with your browser or internet connection.
  • Check if it is a programming error or an expired domain?
  • Contact IT support. Call your hosting company for assistance regarding site down. A tech guy can also help fix the problem.
  • Contact and inform your website users by updating your users through Social media like Facebook or Twitter and other contacts and notify them of what’s going on.
  • Communicate with your IT team and ask them about how to solve system outage and ask how it will be solved as when it will be fixed.

Website crash, breakdowns are expected but if is is actually happening it may be very frustrating. To get rid of all these you should have to find a reputed web host by following some forums and after reading customer testimonials. eUKhost UK Hosting services are deploying reliable and quality hosting since last decade with affordable back up plans for any niche website with any server hosting packages including cPanel hosting, VPS hosting and with Dedicated server UK to run secure and reliable business online.


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