When You Need an Emergency Host

When You Need an Emergency Host

Do you have planned an emergency host especially before your site start eating more resources than all the rest and your current host can’t able to provide you with the needed service and most of the time keep messing with your site because that seems big for them to handle? Also do you classify your high demand or study the upcoming demand especially when your site traffic is growing somewhat without warning?

Possibly this is the right time to thrash a system and to get a host in advance from your list for emergency hosting who can set you up on a server on your own where you can thrash it. The support issues are more like to be an issue to the average kiddies host but a professional hosting company would get the occasional support call as their customers don’t have any issue, very occasionally there might be a genuine issue.

My point to start this post ; You should keep a host in advance in your list that has capability to help you to efficiently manage during such high availability requirements and or during some unexpected events so that in case you find serious lapses from your existing host side you can easily shift to another host from your preferred list. Also in case you unexpectedly expand an account you should be carefully managed to shift to another host preferably with your own server.



  1. Hello Freestyler,

    My point is “Disaster don’t gives Date” so you should keep few hosts in advance to shift before your current host mess up the whole thing especially when you fall in unprofessional hand. I usually find often people are complaining about a host and look for immediate alternate solution, so there is another chance that they may fall in wrong hand if they take hurry decision.

    Thanks for your comment,


  2. Freestyler

    Yeah Edward you have a good point here and webmasters should take a note of this as getting your account suspended from a hosting provider may cause lot of problems for the particular site which will directly affect the site’s credibility and the flow of visitor’s as well.
    In fact I would say that when a webmaster has the stats regarding the increasing hits on the site and knows that the current hosting account won’t be able to handle the amount of load, the hosting should be changed on to a different version such as the dedicated or a vps one with a reliable and reasonable hosting company.

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