Which Linux Distros/Distribution I should Choose

Which Linux Distros/Distribution I should Choose

I found this article quite helpful to the beginners or those looking for linux distros/distribution for a desktop machine;

“Which Linux Distros I should Choose for my desktop machine”
This depends on personal taste, however if you are a beginner looking for a desktop machine you can go for ubantu or SUSE or Fedora Core, on my personal taste Suse, Foresight Linux and Fedora Core are nicer to use while Ubantu is more like a real linux system that need some advance knowledge. Ubantu and Suse both have the larger userbase. Most of the problem regarding any working solutions are usually covered by their forums such as laptop installation, adjusting monitor resolution etc. However if you are more advanced you may consider to go for Debian Network Install CD, it takes a little more work to get it going on such as apt-get install gnome to install a user interface.
If you want to take your linux experience to try out more bleeding-edge software, you will difinitely try to taste Gentoo though it is hard getting it going but you shall learn a lot about linux in process.

Technical Information;

If you need a specific package management system, be aware that
Suse and fedora core use RPMs, Ubuntu and Debian use DEBs and
Gentoo will use Ebuilds with portage.

Source: http://www.etechsupport.wordpress.com



  1. I would recommend CentOS 4.5 or CentOS 5 for Servers and Ubuntu would be a better option for home users.

  2. grazie

    Ubantu? Ubuntu I understand. I’m currently using the Xubuntu flavour myself as it meets my requirements almost perfectly. Gentoo is wonderful too and comes with perhaps the best documentation of all distros. However, as almost everything is compiled from source code, it can take several days to bulid a fully functioning system. If you only have one computer this can be a little impractical.

  3. Nice post Leslie . I will try UBUNTU for Desktop now . :)

  4. Leslie Satenstein

    Which Distribution is best?

    The first question to ask is “What do I want to do with linux?” Is it for the desktop, to replace microsoft or apple products? Is it to experiment with and learn? Is it to make use of some old hardware that is lying around?

    The next question is, what do I need as a system to respond to my needs?

    The original author could not answer your question because he did not have enough information.

    I am like s/he. If it for the desktop, there are quite a few good choices. And in this case, a computer with 512megs of memory would be a good starter. (You could run with 256meg).

    I use Fedora6, so I am biased. I like it. It meets all my requirements.

    Hope I through some light on the subject and for you to return with the list of questions. (Desktop use alone is probably great with UBUNTU)

    Montreal Canada

  5. I personally use Fedora Core 3 , which is Best ever i used atleast as a Desktop System.

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