Why Do You Need To Register Multiple Domain Extensions For your Business Website?

Why Do You Need To Register Multiple Domain Extensions For your Business Website?

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Your domain name is your identity over the world wide web. It is something that determines your existence on the internet. Considering that the pool of domain names is shrinking rapidly, getting the ideal domain name for your business website might be a difficult task. When you find the appropriate domain name that is available for registration, you might end up with the most common domain name extension – .com. Getting a .com domain name extension might look perfect for you, however, things have changed when it comes to the modern internet world. There is a lot of competition around; with one small drawback you can give a huge opportunity to your competitor to outpace you.

Most of the business owners do not really comprehend the importance of getting multiple domain name extensions registered. If you aim at creating a strong brand identity for your business website online, investing in multiple domain name extensions is crucial. For instance, .biz, .net, .org, .info and the latest one is .mobi. You can also invest in country specific domain name extension like .co.uk or .au depending on the country you are operating in. The more you have under your array the better it is. Otherwise you give a chance to your competitors to register similar domain names and take advantage of your online identity on the internet.

Here is more information on why registering multiple domain name extensions is so important:

In accordance with a general observation, people usually remember only the company name and not the accurate website address. In case they do not remember it, they will just run a search with your business name for locating your company website on the internet. Whichever result will be listed first, they will click on it. In case your competitor has optimized the website smartly, there are chances that his website will top the search engine list for your domain name. Even if a customer remembers your domain name, there are rare possibilities that he / she would remember the domain name extension. Therefore, it is important that you secure your online identity over the web in such a way that no matter which domain name extension people type for searching your business website, it must lead to your website.

By doing this, you will be able to keep your online identity intact. You will also have an assurance that your prospect will land only on your website and not on any other competitor website after searching for your business name online.

An Opportunity To Target Geo-location Specific Traffic

By registering a geo-location based tld like .co.uk, .us or .ca, you will have a wider horizon for spreading your business name across different geo-locations and cater to the location specific audience. Since the inception of internet, there has been a substantial increase in the eCommerce industry that has gone beyond the geographical regions. Even then, there are specific products / services that are specifically targeted towards the local customers. Moreover, this also helps with targeting the appropriate people belonging to a specific location who would be interested in your website.

Protecting Your Brand Identity Through Registering Multiple Domain Name Extensions:

* Protect your brand online by preventing the competition from registering similar domain names

* Prevent people from registering alternate extensions for unscrupulous purposes

* Promote various products / services to specific markets

* Strengthen your search engine listing

* Generate higher volume of targeted incoming traffic to your website by diverting the relative domain names

* Create unique online marketing strategies targeting different markets

* Provide people more ways to find you on the internet

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Domain Forwarding Managing A Website With Multiple Domain Name Extensions

There are great benefits for having your business name registered for various tlds. It’s perfectly fine if you do not wish to create different website for every tld, you may select a domain forwarding service available with your web hosting package and forward it to the primary domain. Through this utility, a domain name can be redirected to any domain name of your preference. For instance, if your primary domain name is www.yourbusinesswebsite.biz, you can register the other domain name extensions and set a redirect to the primary website address. Thereby, if anyone accesses www.yourbusinesswebsite.com, he/she should be automatically redirected to www.yourbusinesswebsite.biz.

For activating this function through your cPanel, you will simply have to locate redirects under the Domains section. Populate the fields mentioned in the form and select the type of redirect that you would like to set you may get a temporary redirect (302) or a permanent redirect (301).

Registering multiple domain name extensions and redirecting them is a small step that will yield promising results for your business. This is also a great way of safeguarding your business identity online. By doing this, you will be able to secure a competitive edge and create a distinct brand identity.


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