Why should I register a new generic Top Level Domain for Website

Why should I register a new generic Top Level Domain for Website

For many years now webmasters have been limited with the Top Level Domains (TLDs) that they are able to use to register new web addresses. The most popular TLD that in use is .com, and it is so widely used that there should be no net user who hasn’t visited a .com website; in fact 51.7% of websites on the Internet utilise a .com domain (1). .com domains are so popular that the TLD in second place, .net, powers a comparatively measly 5.1% of websites. .com is boring though – it’s become a mainstay of web addresses and lacks creativity. The new generic TLDs (gTLDs) give you the opportunity to rejuvenate your brand and online presence with a new address that is more memorable and reflective of what your company really does. We’ve collected some of the best reasons as to why you should register an address under one of the new gTLDs, so read on to find out more.

Create a more memorable web address

As the pool of TLDs has been relatively limited since the Internet’s inception compared to the choices that are now available, many popular addresses have been registered and this has resulted in business owners having to use less than satisfactory web addresses that have been long and hard to remember. With the new gTLDs however, this is no longer a worry as the increase in TLDs has increased the domain options available, meaning that now have a greater chance of being able to register a domain of your choice. As there is more choice, it would be wise to take advantage of this to create a new address that is more shorter and much more memorable than your existing domain.

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Match your name to your industry or location

The new gTLDs have been developed to offer addresses that are more specific to individual industries and sectors; for example, if your company is called “Bob’s Builders” then you could use the .construction gTLD to register the address “bobsbuilders.constructions”, or if you run a fishmongers then you could always take advantage of the .fish TLD. gTLDs related to specific locations are also available so that you can create an address that mirrors your target market. As an example, if you run “Joe’s Bar”, which is located in London, then a good address to choose would be “joesbar.london” because the address reflects both the business name and the location.

Give your visitors the option of a modern alternative

Users of the Internet have become accustomed to visiting websites that utilise the most widely known TLDs such as .com and .net, so why not give your visitors the choice of a more modern alternative? Incorporating a website address that uses one of the new gTLDs into your brand and marketing material demonstrates to your customers that you are in touch with the latest technological trends and can only go down well with them.

Improved visibility in search engine results

Choosing a new domain name that contains a gTLD that is reflective of your location or what your business does as well as keywords that you are targeting can help to boost your visibility in search engines, for paid and organic results. Let’s use the search term “running club”. When you perform a search on Google, any use of the words “running” or “club” in the results will be highlighted, obviously the more times where either term has been used in a relevant manner is likely to increase the Page Rank assigned to a page. Now the highlighting and searching of terms isn’t limited to page content – addresses are included in this. So if you go for the domain “running.club” then of course this is going to help to increase your visibility in results for keywords relevant to the term “running club” because you are using both keywords in an inventive way that other webmasters probably haven’t cottoned onto yet.


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