WordPress Popularity Mystery Resolved

WordPress Popularity Mystery Resolved

Many a times we think about the reasons about WordPress’s wide popularity. After digging deeper and analyzing it, we realize some of the probable reasons behind it. This article gives a sneak preview about the FAQ’s about the popularity reasons of WordPress.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is basically a content management system (CMS) designed and developed for serving the varied needs of individuals from across the web. Since it is released under the GNU license, it is free and can be downloaded without the need of any licensing charges. It offers users with the most innovative and contemporary publishing platform. With WordPress, maintaining and keeping your website up-to-date becomes simple affair. Users get the flexibility to install it on almost any web server platforms for example: Windows and Linux. Hence, giving rise to one of the very popular WordPress Hosting solutions offered by some of the very affordable web hosting companies across the Industry. These are some of the basic reasons for wordpress’s wide popularity. Underlying are few elaborated points that helps us understand more about WordPress.

User-Friendly WordPress Interface

One of the very useful and important feature of installing WordPress on your domain is, it offers a simple and easy to understand graphical user interface. No matter whether you have a personal or a corporate website, WordPress Hosting can be suited for all the needs. Whether you are a skilled professional of website management or a newbie, it hardly matters with WordPress. You can still use it with similar ease.

Cost Reduction

After recession hit almost every economy across the globe, businesses have started taking all the necessary cautions and slashing their expenditures to the minimum. Hence, WordPress has emerged and considered to be one of the cost effective options for businesses that intend to venture into the online arena. This is one of the most convincing reasons for WordPress earning the extent of popularity as it is today. Users can freely download it, customize it according to their needs, choose a suitable WordPress Hosting package and get the site live in no time.

Search Engines Like Website’s built in WordPress

It is a known fact that, if you venture into an online business, it is important that your site is search engine friendly and attracts visitors online. If you take a closer look, approximately 8 out 10 blogs that rank high in the search engines result pages are setup using WordPress. The coding used in a WordPress blog is written in a way that search engine bots and crawlers should easily crawl a website. Furthermore, WordPress offers numerous plugins for enhancing your SEO efforts. All this clubbed together can help your website rankings to get to the top search engine rankings, hence gaining more popularity, more visitors, more chances of sales conversion and ultimately more profits.

Single Click Installation

WordPress offers an installation procedure that even a school going kid can go about. The WordPress script is offered by most of the web hosting control panels, which offers a single click installation process. Hence, making is very easy to set-up a website in no time.

Automated Upgrades

Unlike many other CMS’s, you can choose to set an automatic upgrade option in WordPress. This simplifies the management of your website as you do not have to keep checking for upgrades on a regular basis. It would automatically get upgraded to the latest version without you or your users even realising it. Furthermore, a regular backup is automatically maintained by WordPress. Besides, users can also choose to take manual backups based on how often your site is updated.

Flexibility in Functionality

WordPress is flexible enough to allow you to make changes to its existing code. Your programmers can easily make amendments to the existing templates to achieve your intended functionality of your website. With the combined efforts of webmasters across the globe there are approximately 7000 + wordpress plugins been developed which enhances the functionality of your website.

WordPress BackUp

WordPress maintains a backup of your site on its own. Though, an important fact is that, users must take the backup of the database on their own, unless ofcourse if you have added a plugin that would do the task for you. With the numerous plugins in existence, you can even schedule the backups according to your needs.


This has been one of the most concerning issues faced by webmasters from around the globe. A website developed using WordPress is no exception to it. But, it definitely offers various methods to avoid spams. Using certain plug-ins you can moderate spams and restrict it to be displayed on your website. Commenting is one of the well known methods of spamming in WordPress blogs. In-order to avoid this, users can disallow users from adding comments onto your website. But, if you intend to receive genuine comments from webmasters about the article posted on your wordpress blogs, then installing a plugin can help you moderate all the comments that are being posted, you can go through all and approve the one’s that you believe to be authentic.

After knowing these factors, people might have got an idea about the factors supporting the popularity of WordPress.

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