Yahoo & MSN Optimization – Differences & Similarity

Yahoo & MSN Optimization – Differences & Similarity

It is important to get listed in yahoo’s organic results as well as on MSN; Yahoo’s users are well targeted and that is the same with MSN search which also can not be overlooked. Both favor on page content hence ensuring the text keyword rich would definitely help you a lot.

One more similarity in both engine are they have high keyword density and hence you can populate your keywords in better propotion, however it is important to note that the keyword-stuffed pages that seems only to promote certain keywords can be considered as spam.

Especially for MSN you should use only text and links that are visible to your users. They also consider the same link building strategy that other search engines suggest, while MSN gives more consideration on “the text of links that point to a page and the number and quality of sites that link to your pages”, both prioritise the relevance of your site’s content to keywords.

However, MSN likes freshness in content and theme based-pages while Yahoo are more likely to consider regular refreshing, hence, freshness  – these factors are more likely to have a good effect on MSN comparatively than Yahoo.

Both crawl less frequently and their crawling times can differ, hence if you optimize for Google you’ve done half the optimization for both and you get lot of time to devote for enhancing your optimization effort specifically to both yahoo! & MSN.

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