Your First Website

Your First Website

Your First Website

Creating your first Website is really exciting and this article will help you to create your first Website that will lead its way to success. First I will give you some rough key ideas to what your Website should deliver and then go through them in more detail.

Your Website should have a domain name that is attractive, and will want people to find out more about.
Your Website should be unique content-wise and updated regularly.
Your Website should provide something for the visitor, maybe a service or a bargain – for them to want to visit your site again.
Your Website should have an appealing design, staying as clean as possible and being easy to navigate around.

1.) The first part of starting a Website is having a nice domain name (or site name), a name that tells the visitor in a basic fashion what the site will offer – or what they should expect. A domain name that has just “” doesn’t really explain what the site is about. You need to think of a name that is unique to your Website, a name that isn’t too obvious – but a name that is, a) appealing and gets the person want to visit the website, b) not too long, otherwise the visitors won’t remember the domain name to come back to it, c) explains what the Website is in a nutshell and d) isn’t too obvious – for example a domain name “” is too long, too obvious, too hard to remember – and not appealing at all. Some Websites have short domains like “” rather short domains are nice – and rememberable, but unless it’s for AAA batteries – or a company called AAA – it’s not much point. Now, maybe your site or company is called Keyboard Designs, Ltd? How about a domain name called Although it’s a really long domain name – it’s your company name – and your clients will remember your company name as it’s important to them.

2.) Having content updated regularly is incredibly important if you want your visitors to come back to your Website – and another reason is if you want search engines to keep indexing your Website. Having unique content is important because if you copy other peoples content – or do content similar to others – doesn’t give you a good impression, does it? Provide content that is interesting and will want the visitor to visit your site again. Getting profits out of your site is essential, but adding advertisements everywhere around your site isn’t recommended – because it hides all the interesting content that a visitor wants to see. Another point is adding popups to your site distracts people, especially popups that force visitors to go to another Website – most visitors will press the ‘close browser button immediately after they get popups – and besides, most popup blockers are getting more efficient now.

3.) Having Websites like a blog all about you is very nice – but to be honest, the visitors will eventually get bored and never return. A personal Website is fine, however you want to offer the visitor something – like a service or possibly a competition. These way visitors will want to keep returning. Making a Website aimed at the visitors – maybe an advice column where visitors can get advice and ask questions – is another way of interacting with your visitors. In the long run it’s best to have a Website that keeps updating – like a games Website with more games – which will get your visitors keep returning.

4.) Lets face it, having a Website with an unappealing design is, well… unappealing – and your visitors won’t want to come back. Just imagine, you visited a Website that just has a few links and some content. If there was 2 websites identically the same – one with design, the other without – which one would you prefer to visit? – Exactly. Sticking to designs that has colors that can join each-other easily is best. What I mean by this is having colors that don’t “hurt the eyes” when it’s looked at. Keeping the design as clean as possible is really essential, you need to make sure your designs look the same or similar in most major browsers. Some browsers will render code differently so your designs may look “weird” in one browser, while looking fine in another. Check in many browsers to make sure your design and site looks fine in all major browsers. The browsers that are used the most are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera, Netscape Browser and Safari Browser.

Thank you for reading the article and I hope you have learnt something new out of it, and put these suggestions into action. Remember, if you need super fast Web hosting please feel free to call us on 0808 262 0455 or contact us from


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