Your Way to Internet Success | Testing Web Pages – Part 2

Your Way to Internet Success | Testing Web Pages – Part 2

Testing Web Pages – Your Way to Internet Success!

Continued from: Your Way to Internet Success | Testing Web Pages – Part 1

Testing web pages and optimizing it will definitely improve your internet success. Your product’s success depends entirely upon how expertly its marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns are conducted. Such campaigns require complete concentration, know-how, and implementation of testing and analysis of the various methods that are used.

Much has been written about how to conduct these tests and analysis, especially testing the web pages. At crucial stages of the testing, you must analyze all the results and then keep tuning the page and its content for better results.

There are many methods of testing a web page, and the following are the methods that can prove advantageous for the chief components of the sales page. These components are some of the most crucial elements, and they are the sales page content in totality, the impact of the headline, and the opening 3 or 4 paragraphs. The most important aspect is the offer itself.

How to Test the Headlines

The marketing experts give much importance to the Headline above all other elements. Better Headlines can create the maximum impact upon the conversion rate of visitors to customers. If you have a great sales page, but the headline is poor, then your visitors will not read past it. The Headline must stop the visitors in their tracks and take notice of your web page. They should be enticed to read the whole sales page eagerly.

In short, the Headlines must grab the attention of the readers. The Headline can create this type of stunning eagerness, motivation, and hope in the minds of the visitors. Such motivational and stunning power words can really push your sales figures upwards in a short span of time. The need is to choose the right power words that can influence the readers to read more.

For example, here are a few of those power words and phrases that have always created positive impact. They are:

  • Would you like to …
  • Who else wants to … with …
  • Want to be a …?
  • How to …
  • The Secret to … is simply …!
  • The way to …
  • The Amazing New …!
  • The Amazing Secret of the …!
  • Available NOW! …
  • The Quickest Way to …
  • Own Your Own …
  • … in 24 Hours, Or Your Money Back!
  • Now, You Too Can …
  • Here’s the Quickest and Easiest Way For You to …
  • Free …
  • Do You Make These Mistakes in …

The above mentioned phrases are effectively used in some of the best eye-catching headlines, and they have brought in massive targeted traffic to the successful websites. You can easily find such power words and phrases by using your favorite search engine and use them in your campaigns. These power words have always received the expected response from the readers.

Now, testing different combinations of these or other such power phrases will indicate which is getting the most response from your audience. Once you are sure of the best combination of the alluring phrase and the keywords, you can further fine-tune the headline to achieve the maximum impact. The testing will show you how the audience is reacting by studying the incoming traffic and its impact on sales.

You should always keep testing the headlines on your sales and other important web pages. This can increase your sales by 20%, 50%, 100%, or even more. You can have some of these campaigns on autopilot and achieve sales 24 hours without further interaction from you, while other campaigns will need more twicking to achieve expected results.

Testing Your Opening Paragraphs

Apart from testing your headlines, the next important task is to adjust your opening paragraphs to achieve best response from the audience. The best opening paragraphs further impress the readers and effect a higher conversion rate and profits.

You can use a captivating and relevant story that leads to a solution to relevant problems of your readers. This is a powerful marketing technique that always evokes response from the readers. Get the readers involved in the story and win their appreciation by presenting your product as the solution to their problems. Tell them the facts and benefits of owning your products through the story. Highlight the facts of how the product will help them.

If your story is well focused and effective, you will guide them to buy your products, and also make them come back to your website because they have really liked the way you have presented the product. People always like positive changes, and your “story” will be more effective in winning their hearts and trust because of the friendly manner of your sales pitch.

There are thousands of such charming ways that can influence people and you can test many of those methods. Such methods also build a relationship which can be further strengthened through e-mail campaigns by giving them more interesting information in a friendly way from time-to-time.

Testing Your Offers

Many a great campaigns have failed because the visitors were unable to buy the products for many reasons. One of them is the price, and other is the inability to pay for the product because the sales page has limited transaction options. Hence, test your web pages, landing pages, and offers quite often. They will definitely improve your success on the internet.

For example, some products can be bought only through PayPal gateway, but the customer prefers paying through credit card which was absent on the payment page. So, if your payment page has all the possible gateways, it will increase your sales too. The price of the product can also influence the sales greatly. The price ending in 7, or ending in 9 has shown generation of more sales. So, for example, test your product’s price with price tag of $7, $17, $37, $47, $97, $197, and so on.

People have different opinion about what price they would like to buy your product, so test the price of your products by setting different prices. For example, you can set a regular price given certain conditions, and set a lower price if the reader buys the product within a shorter time frame. Sometimes people wait to see the review of your product. If they find the review impressive, they will even buy the product at a later time, and even with a higher price tag after you have revised the product and have added more value to its content or features.

Web Hosting

Testing the Landing Page and the Squeeze Page

The landing page is the most important web page on your website. This can be your home page or any other page that is meant as an entry page for your niche or your product. The landing page should be able to hold the attention of your visitors because the internet surfers have very little patience. They will just move out of the landing page if it is not attractive, or it does not contain the targeted traffics’ answers. Hence, testing your web pages and the landing pages often will considerably improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of your campaign.

So, when you are setting up the marketing and sales campaigns for a particular product, you must also plan a relevant landing page that satisfies everything that your advertisement says. When the advertising campaign succeeds in sending a steady stream of targeted web traffic to your landing page, the landing page should be able to convert these visitors into paying customers and subscribers to your ezine or e-mail campaigns.

Take extra care of the designing aspects, make the content relevant and focused, use suitable background colors. Create great videos to present the products. Create professional opt-in form and any other scripts among other things. Keep testing these pages and make them very compelling, professional, and attractive.

The design of these pages should be absolutely flawless, because these pages form the first impression about your website, its products, and also about you as the webmaster.

The success of your business depends on the success of the landing page, the squeeze page, and the sales page. If they are professional looking and are able to convert the visitors into paying customers then you can be assured of a great website that creates fabulous wealth opportunities for you on autopilot. So, testing these pages constantly and twicking those for the desired effects has to be performed continuously.

Test the call-to-action script on these pages thoroughly. You can design more than one landing page or squeeze page and record which pages are more effective than the others. Use those pages that are more productive in converting your visitors into subscribers and customers.

Hence, testing is the integral part of a product’s success. Your sales and profits can be effectively increased if you carry out the testing process not just once but always, depending up on how the product is receiving the market response.

Always check the statistics of your sales page (using the cPanel web statistics), the traffic details, and the actual sales of the product, and depending upon the results carry out further testing and analysis. As stated earlier, a professional help can help your website in achieving the high rate of conversion constantly and make it very successful online. Finally, keep a constant watch on the CTR of your advertisement campaign, and keep testing your web pages, landing pages, and offers to increase the CTR, as well as the sales of your products.


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