CloudFlare runs a globally distributed network with 23 points of presence around the world.

Once a website is part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent network. We automatically optimize the delivery of web pages so visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. We also block threats and limit abusive bots from wasting bandwidth and server resources. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in attacks

CloudFlare Data Centre Locations

Global performance

With no configuration, CloudFlare's CDN caches content closer to visitors. CloudFlare also offers web content optimization that shrinks data, compresses images and optimizes for mobile devices

Additional analytics

Get insight into all of your website's traffic, including threats and search engine crawlers.

CloudFlare Threats

Easy website security

CloudFlare leverages a diverse community of websites to power a new type of security service. We protect websites from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to full DDoS attacks

Apps marketplace

CloudFlare apps makes installing web apps on your site fast, safe and one-click simple

Simple setup

From start to finish, setup takes most businesses less than five minutes. Adding a website requires a simple change to a domain's DNS settings. No hardware or software to install, no need to change a site's existing code

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CloudFlare works on the network level. All you need to do is change your domain's nameservers, and it does the rest. CloudFlare supercharges your website's speed, performance and security – and many of the features offered are absolutely free to use. With all the great benefits which CloudFlare offers, we believe this service will be extremely beneficial to our customers, so we've included this extraordinary content delivery service in the cPanel control panel. All of our Linux shared hosting customers can take advantage of CloudFlare right now by simply enabling it in their control panel.

What are the advantages and benefits in using CloudFlare?

While all server-side applications continue to be run directly from our servers – because all traffic first goes through CloudFlare's network – it is able to offer increased security, speed and performance which will noticeable to both you and your visitors.

We've all heard of content delivery networks (CDNs), but just what are they? A content delivery network consists of a complex set of servers deployed across multiple data centres which are, as the name implies, used to deliver content on the Internet in a very efficient, performant and redundant manner.

If you use the jQuery library on your website and use the Google, Microsoft or MediaTemple CDN, you and your visitors are already benefiting from increased performance and reduced bandwidth overhead in doing so. CDNs deliver content from a data centre which is as close to the visitor as possible, so the jQuery library will be delivered to your visitor from the closest possible data centre. Even better still, if your visitor has already accessed another site using the same CDN, the visitor will already have a local copy which isn't re-downloaded — reducing the amount of requests the browser needs to make.

CloudFlare Illustration

CloudFlare is also a content delivery network, but it goes much further. CloudFlare works on the network level and helps to speed up your website by storing copies of your site's static content and delivering this to your visitors through its distributed delivery network spanning 23 data centres worldwide. CloudFlare has 11 delivery points in the United States, 8 in Europe, 4 in Asia and 1 in the Oceania region.

Because CloudFlare can, at your choice, serve static content through its CDN — you can optionally choose for CloudFlare to also optimise the content it stores. CloudFlare can minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS code and can cache static content on its network for a set period of time which can help fully maximise your site's performance and speed.

eUKhost is pleased to have partnered with CloudFlare to integrate this service directly into our cPanel shared hosting plans. Our cPanel shared hosting customers can take advantage of what CloudFlare has to offer for free by simply enabling it within their control panel.

It's worth noting all of your server-side applications continue to be handled by our servers.

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