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Nexus Models

Nexus Modelling Supplies: Company Background

Nexus Modelling Supplies is a leading retailer of working models and modelling supplies based in Northampton, UK.

Company Profile

An established supplier to enthusiasts and professional model users, the company regularly exhibits at major model shows and sells its products to customers in many countries. Founded over 20 years ago, Nexus has expanded substantially and now sells thousands of products ranging from modelling glue to fully working model jets and hi-spec drones. Much of the company’s business is done via their website.

The Challenge

The Challenge: migration to a managed server with 24/7 support. Nexus’ website was hosted on a dedicated server and built using Magento, a heavyweight application that requires careful optimisation at the server level.

Whilst the company’s director, Paul Gosling, was well versed in cPanel/WHM, his necessary attendance at trade shows meant he needed his host to be able to give server support and perform day to day tasks if issues arose while he was on the road.

However, as an unmanaged service provider, Nexus’ existing host was unable to provide this service and, additionally, its customer service was often slow and difficult to get hold of.

This led to the client requiring a seamless migration from their existing host to ensure that any downtime was kept to a minimum.

The Solution: eUKhost server management

To meet the needs of the client, eUKhost deployed a dedicated E3 server with 2 x 480 GB Performance SSD and a web stack that was specifically optimised for their Magento Community Edition. The web stack included Linux OS, MySQL, Zend, Apache/Nginx server and Composer.

As the need for server management was the client’s primary reason for migrating their site, our hosting package included 24/7 server management. We also included cPanel/WHM, which the client was familiar with using. To assist with any day to day website issues whilst away from the office, the client has 24/7 access to technical support.

To ensure stability and performance, we provided 24x7 proactive monitoring and for easy recovery, supplied a RAID 1 and R1Soft CDP backup solution.

Finally, to make sure the move took place without any loss of service, eUKhost planned and executed a migration which was completed with zero downtime.

‘I was impressed by how easy eUKhost made the migration process and how smoothly everything went.’ Paul Gosling, Director

The Benefits

The client’s primary objective of being able to rely on his web host to manage the server and undertake day to day actions when necessary has been achieved through eUKhost’s 24/7 managed service which includes proactive server monitoring and resource analyses.

In addition, we have optimised the backend of the Magento CMS and installed the necessary updates and patches for the web stack.

The technology deployed by eUKhost has resulted in better response, speed and performance, as well as providing significant improvements in runtime data synchronisation and server uptime. This has led to an increase in customer referencing, enhanced user engagement and a higher response to calls to action.

‘eUKhost’s server management has allowed me to concentrate on building my business.’
Paul Gosling, Director


Nexus director, Paul Gosling, says that eUKhost’s ‘very personalised’ managed support has been ‘a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,’ and that the time freed up has allowed him to expand his business by launching a new website on the same platform.

As a result of migrating to eUKhost, Nexus Modelling Supplies has seen a significant increase in its customer base.

The Need

Nexus needed their resource intensive, Magento based, e-commerce site migrating to a host that could provide expert 24/7 server management and would offer swift assistance with day to day website issues when necessary. It required:

  • Managed support with swift response
  • Website migration with zero downtime
  • Phone support to manage tasks related to website
  • Optimise the Magento website at server level

The Solution

eUKhost deployed a fully managed E3 Server with SSD and cPanel/WHM; this was provided with a web stack optimised specifically for Magento. Web stack for Magento would comprise of Linux OS, MySQL, Zend, Apache/Nginx server and Composer.

The Benefits

  • Optimisation of the backend CMS
  • Better response, speed and performance
  • Increase in the call to action rate.
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Increase in the customer referencing
  • Significant runtime data synchronisation and server uptime
  • Proactive server monitoring and resource analysis

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